One thought on “Dr. David Martin – Freedom Rally DC – Listing Felony Crimes

  1. David lifts my spirits. Nail the real terrorists whom he has named. Now if we could only hold them responsible. Fauci has run the same game plan he ran with the HIV virus and AIDS fallacy. AZT may have killed more people than anything. Life style was proposed by brilliant scientist Dr Peter Duesberg in his book The Invention of the AIDS virus. so Fauci shut him down. Corona was the invention of the COVID 19 virus. Developed at U of NC by Dr Ralph Baric and a colleague from Wuhan. GAIN OF FUNCTION Biowarfare. David Martin is completely correct. Avoid technological injections and call them what they are. Martin is right. They are NOT vaccines. Magic Johnson was smart. He never developed AIDS because he didn’t follow Fauci’s advice. Nature is the most powerful healer.

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