3 thoughts on “Dr David Martin

  1. My comment from Nov. 5th:

    He sure does drop some bombs. Yeah, he uses the word “amendment,” and cites “The Constitution,” and then he touches on The Bill of Rights. Good that he exposes Fauci and Trump and Rand, but with all he knows, it’s funny that he’d say that we need to “write our representatives,” write those within the very system that’s poisoning us.

    It’s hard to know who to trust. Slick power-point presentations are a red flag ’cause I’m always wondering who’s funding. I tend to trust those who seem to be “down here with the rest of us.” Ha! And he’s crafting and calling for a “New Declaration of UNIVERSAL Human Independence. The word “universal” has that global vibe to it. It makes me wanna scoot on down the road.

    Well, at least he’s screamin’: “IT’S A BIO-WEAPON!!!”


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