Dr Fauci is ‘concerned’ about allergic reactions to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine

Daily Mail

The severe allergic reactions suffered by two UK health care workers who got Pfizer‘s coronavirus vaccine yesterday are ‘of some concern,’ Dr Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday afternoon.

During a Harvard University forum hosted by CNN‘s Dr Sanjay Gupta, Dr Fauci did not seem particularly shocked that these reactions occurred, but he did warn that the U.S. should brace for the same thing to happen here. 

‘It’s obviously of some concern,’ he said.

‘Once you start implementing the actual utilization of the faccine in a clinical setting, you’re talking about millions of individuals getting vaccinated. You might start seeing effects that might not have been picked up.’

He underscored that the two people who had allergic reactions in the trial were people who were generally vulnerable to allergic reactions to foods or drugs and both carried EpiPens, or similar rescue shots.

‘It likely is unusual and rare, but we might be cautious about [rolling vaccines out] to VAs or at least be prepared to respond with some type of antidote to the allergic reaction; we might want to be prepared for that and be ready to treat it,’ Dr Fauci said.

Even once the vaccines do ship, Dr Fauci reiterated his warnings that the era of the mask will probably not immediately come to an end, as it will take weeks to roll out the shots, and we still don’t know if they protect people from being infectious.

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