Dr. Fed Frankenstein Kept Alive by Zombies

The Great Recession

Did you know Dr. Frankenstein created a monster that stays alive to this day by eating zombies? Neither did the zombies. Neither, apparently, did Dr. Frankenstein. In fact, the zombies, being braindead as zombies are, do not realize that they are also keeping alive the diabolical doctor who made the monster that is eating them.

This little article, however, is going to tell you how all of that has become the strange case of the world as we all know it today. And, at the end of the article, I’m going to give everyone access to the first “Patron Post” I wrote as my thank-you to supporters who chose to keep this blog alive at the close of last year. That post was titled “2019 Economic Headwinds Look Like Storm of the Century.”

Before I do, I want to recap 2019 by shining a light on the occulted diabolical nature of the single most important economic event this past year … so that you can read the article in an appropriate frame of mind. You would not, after all, watch a horror movie without first turning out the lights to set the mood. In this case, however, I must also turn on a single small lamp to shine a light on the face of the monster hidden the dark corner of the banking world. Then we will be ready to review the article in context of all that transpired.

One purpose I had for laying out what I thought would be the prevailing headwinds in 2019 was, of course, to help people realize what they should keep their eyes on for their own sakes. That may or may not give them information they factor into investment decisions, but investments decisions are not at all what this blog is about. Investment decisions depend on personal tax considerations, appetite for risk and prosperity versus safety and security, which changes with age in life, and all kinds of other factors.

My main purpose, henceforth, was and is to develop my continuing saga about the Great Recession in which Dr. Frankenstein — Dr. Fed Frankenstein, to be precise — created the monster that still ravages the earth to this day and to lay out the completely predictable death of Dr. Fed’s monster for the dismal comfort of those the dred doctor pretends to be curing with his gift of reincarnate life that is eating away at them, limb by wasting limb.

Read the rest here: http://thegreatrecession.info/blog/frankenstein-fed-kept-alive-by-zombies/

One thought on “Dr. Fed Frankenstein Kept Alive by Zombies

  1. IMO,

    The Fed will support the fake meat markets to new highs until they are ready to make ALL consumer investments illegal. They’ll 1933 the prec. metals, make us go cashless AND do away with all consumer access to investing in stocks, bonds, etc..

    A recent article posted about Schwab buying out TD Ameritrade shows that these companies don’t make their money on trading fees, but on the masses of cash in their money market funds. Schwab’s move to offer free commissionless stock trades made all the competition fold and offer free frades as well. This capitulated TD Ameritrade, which is also based in Omaha, the home of Cabellas, to be bought by jew Schwabb. And also Cabella’s becomes Kabbalahs, bought by another monopolizing jew. Leaving Omaha looking like a crack head’s mouth. Nice jew (two) for the price of one. Destroy a midwest city’s economy, consolidate the investment market, and neuter systematically another online/ big box retailer away from ammo and firearm access.
    Tikkun Olam tyrants.

    So, they’ll soon not allow the individual to invest. Only through government funds, which will be brokered by the likes of the mega monopoly players, like Schwab and Fidelity. This is because the International Talmudists are a few moves from a financial one world order, and I’d speculate that in the next 10 years they will trigger a reset financial event that wipes everything off the board and we “start fresh”. You won’t be able to hold cash or gold, you won’t be able to stockpile, every bit you need will require digital (social credit) approval, so they (the AI judge) can starve you at a moment’s notice.

    They created markets and economics to make each country a horse in a horse race that could be bet on by a third party (the “market”). Now that they’re almost done using the “market” to destroy most soveriegn countries, they’re about to do away with “relativity”. One world. One man in the room, without another man in that room, the one man is anything he wants to be, he’s the richest, the smartest, because there’s no competition, no relativity.
    That’s why they’ll be closing public access to any investments other than their packaged ones. It’ll be Cosa Nostra- Our thing, between the giants representing the one world market.
    When relativity is gone, money will have no relative value. Therefore, with a one world currency, they can create as much as they desire, and this will fuel their global corporatocracy, as they recycle every shekel from our digital storage into their myriad “Industrial Complexes” that the “global citizen” will be victim to. This is why we constantly hear the idea of UBI (universal basic income).

    We see them about to shut the internet too. Oh, you’ll always get “How to do 30 second sparkles on your nails” vids, at super fast 5G speed, but not any INDIVIDUAL truth tellers. People like Dave here won’t be allowed a platform. ALL financial and alt webpages and gurus will disappear. Just focus on your work on the global plantation, as they kill you softly with their food, killing you softly with their hate, killing you softly… you know the song…

    When the troop ship lands at the beach head
    And the door drops down- I’m the first dead
    You can walk on me my brothers
    So you don’t get your boots wet
    But just givem hell my brothers
    Because there are no brave others
    The world depends on you
    To stop the evil….rhymes with blue…

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