7 thoughts on “Dr. Leana Wen is the most dangerous woman in America

  1. This Woman if she is such…. is NOT an American National!!! Her Words Hve No Meaning Here!!!! Go Back to your greed Sh*thole you belong there!!!!

  2. SHE MUST LONG TO SERVE HER MASTERS ON HER KNEES IN CHINA… What a maggot, a good willing soldier of the NWO…well, please take a number cunt, we’ll need it for your position in your hanging trial, with any luck, you might just be really near or close to one of your masters….

    Where do these sold out skank maggots come from?

    Oh well, guess they all really want the Sleeping American fire to awaken and burn them all to their core…ok, wish granted….

  3. WowÔÇŽÔÇŽthis lady ought to be shot on sight.

    What I learned from listening to her:

    1 she wants us all to get the jab and

    2 she wants all of us to be germaphobes.

    What do you expect from Communist News Network?

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