Dr. Milton Wolf: Media Covering for John McCain – Senator’s BRAIN SURGERY Is Serious, Can Be Life Ending

The Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Dr. Milton Wolf is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist in Kansas. The good doctor is also President Barack Obama’s second cousin, once removed. Dr. Wolf ran for the US Senate against Senator Pat Roberts in 2014 and narrowly lost to the longtime senator in the GOP primary.

This weekend Senator John McCain had surgery.
The senator’s office called the procedure routine.

Dr. Milton Wolf tells The Gateway Pundit the media is covering for John McCain.

The mainstream media is covering for McCain or they’re just completely clueless. Or both. He had brain surgery for a 5 cm intracranial hematoma. That’s a big deal. Can be life ending. Media is buying his statement that it was from a routine annual physical —brain surgery?!— and they’re saying it was “above the left eye” rather than saying brain. Clintonesque.

Dr. Wolf posted several tweets on the seriousness of Senator McCain’s condition.
“A five centimeter hematoma is huge.”




The hematoma could have been caused by blood thinners, stroke, or tumor.


The Gateway Pundit

13 thoughts on “Dr. Milton Wolf: Media Covering for John McCain – Senator’s BRAIN SURGERY Is Serious, Can Be Life Ending

  1. Thanks for the good news, Paul! 😀

    It’s a shame WE couldn’t get him first, but there’s plenty more where he comes from, and where he’s going.

  2. I will rejoice with almost the same enthusiasm when this POS croaks as I did when RockyFeller bit the dust.

    Good Widdence to Bad Wubbish.


  3. Brain Salad surgery.

    I think that’s an old Emerson Lake & Palmer album.

    The wolf stated …they went to do surgery.

    But they couldn’t find the blood clot.

    Because it was blocked with all the meth, heroin and cocaine that his last re-election campaign manager was busted for and charged.

    1. According to what I’ve read, McCain has been diagnosed with an incurable kind of brain tumor that tends to kill almost everyone who gets it within a couple of years.

      I wonder if this will make McCain regret his long history of cheerleading for lavish spending on wars and the MIC when all that money could have gone toward cancer research? Maybe now he’ll wish that money could have been spent on protection against REAL threats — things that threaten us all, like cancer — instead of the bullsh!t “threat” of terrorism.

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