Dr. Russell Blaylock Talks About The Deadly Spike Protein In An Interview With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Ezekiel Diet Note: My recommendation to everyone who has taken these clot shots is buy all the insurance you can, now. I even recommend a rich supplemental cancer policy from a financially strong company like AFLAC. Buy short term disability insurance. Bump your life insurance with cheaper term life with a 5 year level premium. Get the best health plan you can afford.

All those who took the clot shots are about to experience firsthand the new Inquisition torture chambers called called cancer care centers. 

A lot of the transcription below must have been automated. I’ve edited about half the article. Some parts are still hard to read. Will edit as I have time.

Dr. Russell Blaylock Talks About The Deadly Spike Protein In The BioWeapon…And The Tyrannical, Fascist, Pharmaceutical Industry and The Hospital Dictatorship In An Interview With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Proof That The BioWeapon Spike Protein Is Fully Distributed Throughout The Body In 48 Hours Which Will Lead To ENDLESS Deadly Diseases And Tenpenny And Blaylock Tee Off On Dr. Robert Malone

12-4-21 – Transcript of the Interview of Audio Transcribed by Tom Armstrong

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon. He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine and completed his internship and neurological residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. For 26 years, he practiced neurosurgery. In addition to having a nutritional practice, he has written four chapters for several medical texts and has published more than 60 articles in the scientific literature.

In this important interview, we spoke in detail about new research that exposes how the COVID shots are going to lead to massive increases in all types of cancer and the devastating effects the COVID shots are going to have on the developing brains of young children.

Dr. Blaylock also talked about his favorite supplement recommendations to heal the brain after a spike protein exposure, whether it was a covid infection, a covid “transmission” or the covid shot.

Dr. Blaylock wanted to talk about some of the recent science that’s come out about how these COVID shots suppress the immune system. Your immune system is your main protection against not just infection, but also against cancer, so it’s your immune surveillance system. It’s constantly surveilling the body to make sure they’re not dangerously impaired DNA that have a high risk of converting to a carcinogenic propensity. This is mainly in stem cells. Stem cells are the main source of cancers from DNA damage, not the daughter cells.

The rest is here: https://www.ezekieldiet.com/dr-russell-blaylock-talks-about-the-deadly-spike-protein-in-an-interview-with-dr-sherri-tenpenny/

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