2 thoughts on “Dr. Sean Brooks (PhD, Oxoford) SW Ohio School Board Meeting

  1. This is the most blunt truth I have heard about the jab in a while. I hope people are listening! May God forgive those who didn’t know and were too trusting in the government and their Doctor and reverse this evil. in Jesus Name Amen

  2. WTF? Could this be a deep fake video?
    Sure. Unfortunately, nothing can be trusted these days.
    I did not research this man’s background so I can’t make a legitimate conclusion about his veracity.
    Call it a gut instinct, but I would believe him more often than not.
    If it’s BS Proganda lies? You’ve lost nothing.
    If he’s speaking anything remotely near the truth? You are killing yourself, your family lineage and billions of other people Worldwide. If you “bow down to the altar of Jabbo”.
    Would I give up my life to protect my Sons and their offspring (if they can have any)? In a millisecond. To protect all of Americans, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? In a heartbeat.
    If you question the decision looking at it in that proper and logical manner?
    Then you are are delusional. And a danger to Americans.
    And will be treated as such.

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