Dr. Simone Gold, M.D.: “Scientifically, the masks are useless and irrelevant, that’s a fact.”

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Dr. Simone Gold, M.D., established ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ a few months ago. She is an emergency room physician as well as a lawyer. She was recently terminated from her positions at two hospitals because of what they alleged to be an ’embarrassing video,’ in which she and her colleagues held a press conference on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the video below, Dr. Gold talks with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former strategist for President Donald Trump.

At minute 9:50, asked about masks, Dr. Gold begins her explanation by declaring “Scientifically, the masks are useless and irrelevant, that’s a fact.” 🤭😒 🚫😷🚫

The frontline doc’s summit, which President Trump praised, was immediately deleted by YouTube and banned by Facebook. But you can watch it at their new website here: https://americasfrontlinedoctorsummit.com/sessions/

You can follow Dr. Gold on twitter here. She deserves our support.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Simone Gold, M.D.: “Scientifically, the masks are useless and irrelevant, that’s a fact.”

  1. About 6 years ago, I was building out preps. When I researched viral outbreaks and disease pandemics, I found that the n95 mask is useless and so are most commonly sold surgical style masks.
    Fast forward to this year and every swinging d-ck seams to be well versed in why a t-shirt over my face is stopping the spread of disease because Facebook told them so.
    If this alleged virus pandemic was half of what they are trying to make it out as, there would be no reason to fluff death rates or dispute how dangerous it is to go into public.

    I’m just here, waiting, for the revolution and the rebirth of the patriot.

    1. Training ever day, ready to go. Went to an ex-SEAL friend’s house to hook up. He tried to shake hands – with his elbow. I said; ‘Are you fkng kidding me!?

      Told me ‘It’s just a mask’, then said ‘It’s not time yet’.

      My young GF in Grand Rapids defended her home, alone (2 worthless beta-male roomates hid) with her AR and a 10-mag combat harness rig when GR exploded over the Floyd-thing. Her 70’s grandfather is an ex-SEAL. Taught her everything. I told her what the SEAL said, above. She told me to ask him; ‘So. When IS it ‘time’?’

      So far, I have a couple women ready to go, and firearms training 3 other women, 50’s, 60’s, and 70. Hard to find any men in Betamerika. All the boys seem to be eating Kill Bill’s meatless estrogen-burger.

      1. Hey, Great State, I wouldn’t mind having you as a neighbor. I’m sure I’d learn a lot.

        On a positive note… The alpha males are coming into their own. I witness it every day. They are strong, certain, competent, and determined. This is like watching humans reclaiming themselves. I find it beautiful to behold, even in the midst of the commie hell.


  2. The mask BS will come to an end when they try to force vaccinate the American people and they learn the hard way what happens when any “Government” tries to use “authority” (which they don’t have because it is against the Supreme Law) on an armed populace of millions.

  3. I have a meeting in a steel mill to go to tomorrow
    Can’t wait to see this circus
    If everyone is mumbling behind masks my deaf ass is going to have a hell of a time

  4. Yep, this dr and the others that are coming out is a real thorn in these fkrs side, the dam is bursting and they can’t stop it.

    The nightly news continues the propaganda campaign as does the governors and the rest.

    They seem not to realize they are all naked as J birds, as if they forgot about the internet and how fast Info and truth travels.

    These dr’s have solid pedigrees that are immune to defamation. Either they do something real big real soon to shift the public mind. Or

    They are in big trouble and with any luck their own apparatus will begin arresting them all.

    Won’t hold my breath of course, the ultimate chastization will come from us..!

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