Dramatic moment police dragged a naked woman by her HAIR along the ground during protest against Jacinda Ardern’s hardline vaccine policies

Daily Mail

Ugly scenes erupted in New Zealand’s capital on Thursday as hundreds of ‘freedom’ protesters clashed with authorities – with a naked woman being arrested after diving through a line of police officers. 

The woman was dragged away by her hair before being detained as protests against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s hard-line Covid policies turned ugly.  

Hundreds of cars, trucks and motorbikes carrying thousands of people drove from across the country began converging in Wellington on Tuesday morning to start the protests, inspired by Canada’s Freedom Convoy which has paralysed Ottawa.

Traffic slowed to a crawl as vehicles blocked roads around parliament and in other key locations, before taking to the streets to wave banners and placards demanding the return of freedoms, denouncing vaccine mandates, and attacking the Labour prime minister.

Crowds of hundreds then gathered in front of parliament to hear speakers and shout slogans, with some pitching tents and vowing to remain for the ‘long haul’. Ms Ardern said she has no intention of engaging with them.

Police created a barricade between the demonstrators and parliament buildings, and several violent clashes broke out between the two sides.

Shocking footage from the scene showed people attempting to break through the barrier, with several being arrested and led away including the fully nude woman.

Police had arrested more than 120 people and charged many of them with trespassing or obstruction by yesterday evening.

The officers wore protective vests but didn’t don riot gear or carry guns, and engaged violent protestors in hand to hand combat.

See it here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10496747/Police-drag-arrest-naked-woman-protest-against-vaccine-mask-rules-New-Zealand.html

5 thoughts on “Dramatic moment police dragged a naked woman by her HAIR along the ground during protest against Jacinda Ardern’s hardline vaccine policies

  1. I guess this proves Ally’s point a couple of days ago about New Zealand sheep. None came to this woman’s rescue. The protection instinct did not show itself. What a horror to watch!!!!!!!!


    1. BAAAAAA! Yep, just take a good look at the people in the “protest” they took pics of for the press. This was a total propaganda piece as usual to make people opposed to tyranny look like complete kooks. What the hell was a naked woman doing right there in the front line?! Actor much or just hippy freak? “The average NZer” (something ALL politicians love to say) eats this stuff up because it validates their own compliance & total subservience as “normal” while they sit there on their fat asses watching this crap on TV & online MSM. Notice that the only “manly” looking men they show are either 3 shirtless “protesters” waving a commie fist flag or a bunch of burly pigs. Making sure the big steroid freak pig with the Maori tattoos is very prominent in the front row is also done on purpose. It’s not uncommon in New Zealand to see both male & female pigs with full-sleeve tattoos these days (something that would’ve been never seen or tolerated 15-20+ years ago & they are some of the most arrogant, narcissistic pigs in the world! I personally met 2 ex-cops from NZ during that last 15-20 years who said they left the force early due to the fast escalating corruption among the ranks that they could not live with anymore.

      Let me end by saying that there IS a lot of genuine “sentiment” in New Zealand about the tyranny taking place & there are a lot of people who know how bad & wrong all of this sh*t is but the country has been “disarmed” & programmed for SO long that if they can actually figure it all out they are scared to death to take it on in any way other than commenting online or trying to run away & “get off the grid” (a totally false & cowardly ideology in such a tiny country). The main frontline people you see at these “protests” really are kind of “fringe” people in that they are the few in each region who are outspoken & always willing to wave signs & shout. The rest of the numbers are a mixture of genuinely concerned “citizens” who felt like they finally had to get out there because they were convinced this was “the big one” (but still don’t really have a clue about how geopolitics works & the fact their gubbmint is actually a law-of-the-sea corporation) plus those just out for a day’s fun on the weekend (mostly). I’m pretty sure with New Zealand being so small that if you went to 3 different “protests” in 3 different cities you’d definitely see at least a busload of the same (hippy greeny professional protester) faces at all 3! The most onto-it people in New Zealand, just as in other countries, don’t go to useless “protests” where they can be herded like sheep by a bunch of steroid freaks & made to look stupid by the MSM so that the real compliant TV-watching sheep can feel more convinced that their compliance & cowardice is “normal”. The real onto-it kiwis are definitely there in probably bigger numbers than they would lead you to believe. While there is a fear that their numbers may not be enough at the moment & that they may possibly need the assistance of other like-minded sovereign individuals in other nations once those other nations take out their tyrants I wish them all the best of strength to take their tyrants on & put them down when the time is right!

      1. Well, it looked real to me. Can’t say everything and everyone in there was authentic, but I absolutely can’t imagine ANYONE agreeing to being yanked and pulled by the hair like that. But mostly I was appalled that no one helped her. That has been such a big theme lately:



      2. They ripped her clotha off! And 2 female cops dragged her like an animal by her hair and were brutaly overly excessive with her. They could have broken her neck and killed her. I hope those cops get it in the end. I have a daughter her age. No one deserves that. Hippy girl?

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