The tyranny and treason were shoveled directly into your face this time, as Obama decided that carrying out his will was more important than American law, the will of the American people, or any decisions that might be reached by that pitiful collection of thieves, perverts and sycophants known as “congress”. With the stroke of a pen he decided that America no longer exists, as our southern border was dissolved for all practical purposes, and essentially left open to anyone who wants in.

I guess they’ll decorate the border for the holidays, and possibly erect a few statues there, but it will never again serve its true purpose as a boundary for our nation, because every murderer, pedophile, and rapist in South America is now on his way here, ready to collect on the good life that Obama promised them. While they supplement their incomes of multiple welfare checks by robbing you, they’ll amuse themselves by molesting your children, when they’re not driving over them in a drunken stupor. That’s the reality behind the “dreamers” that are now here to stay, despite the entire U.S. population only dreaming of them going back home.  

Your country has been invaded, under the auspices and direction of a treasonous, and illegally installed “president”, and it’s now “open season” on Americans’ wealth because municipalities across the nation are facing bankruptcy, and millions of dreamers will be demanding more and more government assistance. The taxes will rise, the civil forfeitures and fines will increase, but of course, the dreamers won’t pay this price because you can’t get blood from a stone.

Your healthcare has been decreased to witch-doctor status so Obama’s dreamers can pump out a new baby every nine months, and your Obamacare bill will pay for it all. That’s right; you’ve been working your ass off all week to support the fruit of some alcoholic wetback’s drunken lust, who’ll never pay a dime toward raising his own children. What do you have to deprive your own children of just so you could pay for Obamacare?

When you’re finally taxed and/or fined out of your home, you’ll take up residence in a storm drain or tent city so a new federal government program can give your “abandoned” home to one of the dreamers. “Why let a good home go to waste?” will be the public justification for this crime.

That’s how it will happen, because Americans are being systematically squeezed out of existence to make room for a slave population that has no ownership rights to this nation, and no claim to the constitutional rights that are bequeath upon American Nationals at birth. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will always be under attack by tyrants, because they outline rules that keep tyranny in check, and the resource wealth of this nation will always be under attack for the riches it provides for thieves. Right now it’s all being taken from you, because you belong to the generation of Americans that has inherited this mess, and allowed it to fester by your apathy. Tyranny has been epitomized in Americans’ minds by Communism and Nazism, but both forms of “government” were Zionist creations, and now that these same Zionists have seized control of this country, you can expect all of their history’s horrors to be unleashed upon yourself, and your family, regardless of what name is applied to it.

The Zionist media has convinced Americans that homeless people are alcoholics, drug addicts, and people who refuse to work, but the truth of the matter is that they’re just like you. They’ve worked all their lives, paid their taxes, and raised their own children, but they’ve been forced out of their homes and out of our sight by a government that has shipped our entire economy overseas, and is now doing the same to the last of our national resources.

What does it take for you to realize that you’re being robbed of everything you’ve ever had, and everything you might ever have, just to satisfy the psychotic greed and lust for power that we know as Zionism? When do Americans understand that it’s not just a matter of a few more Mexicans coming in, but instead their entire country is being stolen from right beneath their feet?

You see, there are far too many of us for them to launch any kind of overt attack, so they’ve been slowly but surely attacking us in small numbers for decades. With every week that passes, more of us are tossed into the street, and more of us are denied the right to defend themselves from this creeping, incremental tyranny that’s slowly but surely squeezing us out of our own country.

The military leadership has obviously been purged of patriotic Americans, or Obama would have already been arrested, but instead the Zionist puppet continues on the path to the greater tyranny that awaits us all. When enough of us are slowly pushed out of the way, the remainder will be tossed into mass graves with a bullet hole in our heads, because that’s how the communists operate.

Right now you’re probably comfortably seated in a warm house, and you probably also ate food today, but homelessness, hunger, and early death surely awaits you if these psychotic criminals aren’t stopped, and no one is left to stop them but you, as a member of your local militia.

You’ll probably continue to ignore the situation as long as there’s more mindless entertainment on TV, provided of course, by the same Zionists who have stolen your country, but the longer you wait to do something about it, the more difficult the challenge will be.

You’re either going to confront the problem, or be consumed by it, and don’t be foolish enough to let your present comfortable life fool you. Any wealth you may have will vanish with the collapse of the dollar, and any property you “own” will be seized, one way or another.

The only difference between the wealthy yuppie and the tent city occupant is the possession of a currency that’s about to become worthless, so please don’t be stupid enough to think that your wealth will protect you. All any of us really own is what the founders of this nation left for us, so we’re all either going to do what’s necessary to keep our country, its Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, or we’re all going to be pushed into one of globalization’s many mass graves. You’re next, and you’re either going to swim, or sink.      — Jolly Roger

“We have earned the hatred of entrenched greed”  – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

14 thoughts on “Dreamers

  1. That’s why I love reading your posts, Jolly–straight and to the point of truth. Thanks. And hopefully my daughter, son, and daughter-in-law realize this soon enough.

  2. You quote Franklin Delano Roosenfelt. This jew power elite commenting on wealth and power as if he wasn’t a part of it is laughable. He was a traitor extraordinaire who many times uttered, “Some of my best friends are communists.” If there is a hell may he burn in it eternally.
    Other than that, love the article, Jolly.

    1. I understand, Henry. I was scrambling for a fitting quote, and although I feel the same way as you do about FDR, what he said was fitting here. Unfortunately, he knew more about the entrenched greed than we do because he was part of it.

  3. Exactly right and to the point. There are many decent people who do not realize how far we have fallen because it has not yet directly affected them. We must do our utmost to convince those, whose minds may still be open enough to understand, the dangers that lie ahead. I have convinced a few. The rest I do not waste my time on.

  4. Now that is an article. Full of facts and well written. It flows and can be read aloud with ease.
    sans “wetback” and more people would probably want to read it. Try “invaded foreign national”

    Good stuff.

    Unlike the crap they pass for news these days in our local papers. My local paper runs 4 stories about the universities sports players and 1 about a crash/fire and 1 about whatever. They do this everyday. Most of the articles contain no facts other than a car crashed and that firefighters are aware of it. Or they will do a story about a “fun run” that took place YESTERDAY and how it had a poor turn out(no story about how people are throwing a “fun run” this week at ?place and time). 5 “paragraphs” of mindless nothing.
    and they have the huevos to charge. f-in shame.

    1. “sans “wetback” and more people would probably want to read it.”

      Thanks, Nottoobitter, but I intentionally use the old terminology as a reminder of what they were commonly called before the “political correctness” campaign changed our language, and it also makes it easier for people to despise them.

  5. “Your healthcare has been decreased to witch-doctor status…”

    Untrue. It’s always been run by witch-doctors.

    “You’ll probably continue to ignore the situation as long as there’s more mindless entertainment on TV,…”

    I’ve said this numerous times, but it bears repeating… television is THE # 1 problem in this country today. The greatest brainwashing tool ever devised.

    Dead on, JR. Excellent article.

  6. Tell lie vision was the ultimate tool to brainwash the masses , & sadly still is !!! This Website is growing like a Snowball rolling downhill , & I believe there will be enough awakened Patriots to get the job done !!! I commend you J R keep up the good work , I believe it is your calling !!!

  7. JR this article is one of the many reasons I come to this site. The unadulterated truth is hard to find.
    TEN HUT!!!
    I salute you sir.

  8. Were I live we still have Witch-Doctors. Some are very reputable here. And give far better treatment than you are getting there at a 10th of the cost. Good Witch-doctors do not work cheap here. And stay in business only by good reputation and a cure for the money you spend.

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