Drone Footage Reveals Massive Scale of Hong Kong Protests

Mashable – by Adario Strange

The political protests currently taking place in the normally sedate confines of Hong Kong, referred to by many on social media as “Occupy Central,” have captured the world’s attention. But despite the photos of the protests being shared online, the sheer scale of the massive protest may be lost on some, until now.

One of the local news agencies covering the protests, Apple Daily, has posted aerial drone footage of the protesters, giving international onlookers a better idea of just how big the protests have grown in recent days.

The four-minute drone video, accompanied by a techno-thriller music track, shows protesters and police streaming through the streets during last night’s activities.

hong kong protests
Protesters gather in Hong Kong’s financial central district as riot police stan nearby on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014.


Far from a small protest by a limited number of outspoken citizens, the video shows just how large the movement to preserve Hong Kong’s democratic elections has become.

Currently, the protests have grown so large that parts of Hong Kong’s business district have been brought to a standstill, prompting the temporary closure of 17 local banks.

In addition to the drone footage, Apple Daily has also posted a live video stream of the protests, allowing the world to watch as events develop in real time.


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