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Common Dreams – by Abby Zimet

Touting unprecedented education “for the benefit of mankind,” Unmanned Vehicle University, America’s only school offering postgraduate engineering degrees in unmanned systems – ie: drones – is thriving.

Since opening in Arizona in July with five students taking its largely online courses for an annual fee of $64,000, it now has 300 graduate drone wannabees, a number expected to double next fall.

And the future otherwise looks bright: A trillion-dollar global industry with the U.S. market likely accounting for 77% of spending; three U.S. universities offering primary drone degrees and dozens of other colleges with aviation programs offering minor UAV courses; a possible 10,000 commercial drones operating in the US once domestic regulations are put in place.

From Drones for America, a great new animated video, “Welcome to Your Future.”


3 thoughts on “Drone U

  1. this reminds me of the “Terminator” movies involving man vs. machine.

    This reminds me of the”Terminator” movies with man vs. machine. How long will it be before they fully automate drones with the authorization to “engage” without humans in the decision making process.Let’s see now,
    anyone without the goverment mandated RFID chip which the drones will be programmed to recognize, will be “terminated”!

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