Drones to fly U.S. skies, FAA approves 1st civilian UAVs

The Insitu ScanEagle model of UAV approved for commercial use in the U.S. is based on a design similar to the one in this photo taken on the HMCS Regina during Operation ARTEMIS in the Arabian Sea in November 2012. CBC

Federal regulators in the the U.S. say they have certified two types of unmanned aircraft for civilian use, a milestone expected to lead to the first approved commercial drone operations in the U.S. later this summer.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday the drones, officially named unmanned air vehicles (UAV) or unmanned air systems (UAS), are Insitu’s Scan Eagle X200 and AeroVironment’s PUMA.  

Both fixed-wing aircraft look like miniature planes and weigh less than 25 kilograms each, are a metre and a half long and have wingspans of 3 metres. The UAV-makers already have clients lined up. A major energy company plans to fly the Scan Eagle off the Alaska coast starting next month to survey ice floes and migrating whales.

The PUMA is expected to support emergency response crews for oil spill monitoring and wildlife surveillance over the Beaufort Sea.

Up until now, most nonmilitary use of UAVs in the U.S. has been limited to police and other government agencies.

In Canada, UAVs have been used commercially since 2008. Transport Canada governs their uses, which range from aerial mapping and photography to aiding the RCMP with search and rescue operations.


5 thoughts on “Drones to fly U.S. skies, FAA approves 1st civilian UAVs

  1. How many “civilians” will ever use drones?

    More blurring of the line between government and private corporations. (fascism)

  2. Just a preparatory action to acclimate the public to drones flying over head. No such thing as “civilian” drones. An act of aggression using a bullsh!t name. Buck&Ball time.

  3. WHEN you hear a government agency,LIKE THE FAA,telling you they got it under control,and everything will be OK,thats when the rifles need to come out,cause its ONLY a matter of time WHEN ONE CRASHES INTO A SCHOOL,and BURNS THE CHILDREN ALIVE,and what you going to do about it,after your kids are dead…….DOES anyone believe the lieing WHORES AT THE FAA,will make it right,cause if you think a pack of whores care about your children,well you better LOOK a little closer at the FAA,their all scumbags,everyone of them…………….

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