Drop of Unemployment Rate to 8.6% – Pure Fraud

The unemployment rate drastically dropped to 8.6% as a result of revised calculations.  It is said 120,000 jobs were created last month and after revising/changing the job growth numbers for the past 2 months, and of course taking 315,000 99ers from the number on the back end, the lie is perpetuated.

Admittedly 225,000 new jobs a month have to be added in order to just keep up with the flow of new employees coming into the system.  This being said, how can the unemployment rate drop in the face of an average of 400,000 new jobless claim filings per week and only 120,000 new jobs being added in a month?

It is simple, you shrink the base, which is to say in the last quarter about 600,000 workers were removed from the work force as their unemployment benefits ran out.  You see once you exhaust your unemployment benefits, you are no longer looking for a job.  You have given up.  You have quit the work force.

This fraudulent manipulation of the numbers and the propaganda perpetuating it are designed for nothing more than to buy time.  You see billions of dollars of our natural resources are still being stolen from us right in front of our faces, week by week.  The international corporate mafia’s goal is to steal as much as they can for as long as they can, and every week that their lie of this reduced unemployment rate is allowed to stand represents another week of the unchallenged theft of our wealth.

With this grandiose news of 8.6% unemployment, the neo-cons are pushing to end the middle class tax holiday.  This means $1,000 to $1,500 more every year being taken from the paychecks of every member of the 99% still fortunate enough to have a job.  The neo-cons state that this middle class tax cut represents an unfunded mandate, while in the same breath saying the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% should be made indefinite because the taxes never should have existed in the first place.

As for funding tax breaks for the top 1%, the neo-cons vehemently state in essence that you cannot finance a negative.  This is the definition of a double standard and in the neo-con socialist system this is what you get; two social classes, the ruling rich and influential, and the poor and middle class who are ruled.  And when the elite have finally stolen enough you have slaves and slave owners.

The neo-cons are going to block $160 billion extension of federal unemployment benefits.  If this is done unemployment benefits will end at 27 weeks rather than 99 weeks and in the space of a few days millions more are going to exhaust their benefits at 27 weeks and be dropped from the work force.

You see after the unemployment extension legislation fails there will be a new calculation, which says that after 27 weeks the unemployed give up, quit looking, and remove themselves from the work force.  Using these kinds of numbers being taken off the base from the back side, the propagandists could drop the unemployment rate to 7%.  Of course the number of the uncounted will be going up from about 12 million to 17 million, but the number will look better on the TV screen.

And let no one forget that as $160 billion for federal unemployment extensions is being voted down in our Congress, $500 billion is going to be sent to Greece and Italy without even a vote from our Congress, which has surrendered its power in this instance over to the Federal Reserve Board.  This allows the politicians deniability for their participation in the theft.  The $500 billion being sent to the foreign central banks has been borrowed in our grandchildren’s names, which means further future tax increases.  So where are the neo-cons on stopping a $500 billion unfunded liability when the money is going to the corporate banksters that own them?

No one in the middle class should forget that right now there are 12 bills in Committee designed to expand the foreign worker visa program.  The elite are coming after the last of the jobs of the middle class.  The insurgents within and out of our government have gone beyond the point of no return.  They are determined to destroy our country, even if they have to orchestrate a third world war to do so.

I do not know if the plan of the Occupy protesters is still set for the occupation of the west coast ports on the 12th of December, but I certainly hope so, as it has become necessary.  I know it is cold outside but a clear and concise message needs to sent and that is that the corporate elite are not going to silence the voices of 28 million long term unemployed through the manipulation of already admitted fraudulent numbers.

In short we have to let them know that we are still out here.  We are not going away and no one is buying into their lying, thieving, pathetic attempt to alter what is a harsh reality, especially to those 500,000 homeless children living in our streets and the millions of former middle class citizens who have been thrust into poverty through the criminal acts of the international elite.

I said last year around this time that by 2012 the propagandists would have manipulated the unemployment number to 8.6%, as the so called experts were saying that this was the number needed for the illusion of a Barack Obama reelection to be sold to the American people.

This lie that is being put forth is being embraced by both the soviet socialists and the neo-cons, indicating that it has been agreed that the neo-cons will accept the soviet socialist Barack Obama for another four years, under the contention that the neo-cons and soviet socialists, working together, can stop Ron Paul from being elected, as both sides know that Dr. Paul’s election spells their doom.

Here is a little financial advice for the one party corporate elitist system.  Invest in the products that are going to be needed in the near future.  You know things like guillotines and hemp rope.  This is not the ‘Emperor has no Clothes’ it is the American people have no clothes and we are just going into winter.  I think the lies in the mainstream propaganda are going to be hard to sell to people with no clothes, no shelter, and no food in the cold.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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