20 thoughts on “Dual beam infrared detectors for perimeter alarms.

  1. Enemy of the State, did you order these censors? If so, from where? Thanks! The link under vid. says seller relisted item, and the ones I saw come from Hong Kong.

    1. No Katie I havent
      my reason for posting I should have made clear.
      WE the People need to start hardening our perimeters , well at least us Trenchers and Patriots

      If we were given 2 more minuets of warning that the Blue Line thugs, or any other criminal gang were about to breach the sanctity of our Homes or our property , Maybe we would stand a fighting chance
      especially when 9 Xout of 10 they will come when we are sleeping , thats because they are cowards,but I digress

      I am currently contemplating up grading my perimeter system, and this appealed to me
      I already have cameras , and I built a halfway decent driveway alert system using old garage door closing sensors , but those 2 systems are still very limited

      I am hoping to further my situational awareness at home with a much better perimeter system that would go corner to corner length of lot etc for my property , these seemed to be way better then my current set up

      After i posted this to Henry , I realized this must be a foreign company producing these
      there must be a company that provides a solution similar to this in The USA

      If any Trenchers come across one , please post or ask Henry to forward to me
      we really need to consider this in this day and age , I hate technology as far as an invasion on my private life , but If I can use it to make my life safer from the threats we face today , Im going to try my best to utilize it

      1. I agree with you about hardening our perimeters, exactly why this appealed to me.

        I’d like to get something made in our country. Thanks for taking the time to reply EofS.

  2. nice…they come solar power too…I await an update from you EOTS…until then I got my dog…I swear that guy can hear a mouse pissin on cotton a mile away 🙂

    1. LOL love my dogs too , My 4 legged family is getting older and they like to sleep too haha dam
      but this is another measure I wish to have

      One bit of my own experience is , battery powered stuff like this sucks ( I tried the wireless security camera systems , dont waste your money .. go wired )
      cant comment on the Solar deal , but if its anything like the battery Op stuff , im not interested

      I had a battery Op perimeter sensor ..operative word “HAD ”
      they suck 2 years ..junk and not reliable

      I’ll run the wires ..and power up using what ever power a system like this would require .. its just a way better and more reliable system

      you’ll be warned before they cut your power , if they are going to go to that measure of thuggery

      I’ll try to keep y’all posted what I find or do

    1. Yup
      Tried these too
      Got about 2 years out of them
      They weren’t very reliable many false alarms and I don’t want that at 3 am
      I need something I can trust with my life

      Plus the range I need they won’t cover
      Might work for some , I wasn’t impressed

        1. Look at Dakota Alert too

          I’m submitting a lay out for Optex this week to get some pricing on their equipment
          Hopefully get an idea what this stuff costs

  3. cant seem to post a link where the price for optex stuff..400$ for 1 sensor to go 300 feet is too pricey for me

  4. Follow up
    I researched cost and what type of Optex equipment I would need for my home and the prices were out of my budget
    A few factors also came into play that added to the cost I would be over 2 grand or even more and that would buy a lot of ammunition
    I might look into the Dakota system or a mix of that and my own devices

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