Dublin Zoo tiger ‘attacks’ young boy — only to be stopped by glass partition

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A young boy and his family got more than they bargained for this past weekend at the Dublin Zoo in Ireland when they received a close-up view of a tiger in full attack mode.

Thankfully, the glass wall of the zoo’s tiger enclosure saved the family from harm.

In a video posted by the boy’s dad, he tells his son Sean to stand in front of the enclosure. Sean takes a quick look behind him at a tiger creeping toward him.

The animal freezes momentarily when he sees the boy looking at him. Then, when Sean turns back to his dad, the tiger rushes toward the child in a terrifying moment — only to be stopped by the glass partition.

“My son was on the menu in Dublin Zoo today,” the dad, identified as Rob C, writes.

As of late Monday, a video posted by the boy’s father had received nearly 44,000 likes and been retweeted some 9,500 times.

It also racked up more than 686,000 views on Twitter in less than 24 hours, Extra.ie reported.


One thought on “Dublin Zoo tiger ‘attacks’ young boy — only to be stopped by glass partition

  1. That cat woulda added some “stripes” to my drawers!
    I was 40 years in the glass business. I don’t trust glass! And I sure don’t trust cats!!

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