Duck Hunting Shotgun Proven To Be more Dangerous Than A Huldra AR-15

Published on Jan 10, 2013 by HuldraArms

This is a video letter to Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan, and Senators Amy Klobucher, and Al Franken. This video proves that a duck hunting shotgun is more destructive and lethal than a Huldra AR-15 modern sporting rifle.

3 thoughts on “Duck Hunting Shotgun Proven To Be more Dangerous Than A Huldra AR-15

  1. Like fleet farm says ” if they don`t got it you don`t need it.” FleetFarm is one of my favorite stores – they realy do carry most everything you need. Anyway, good post there #1, the guy brings up some realy good points. The only thing that I didn`t like was him suggesting armed guards at schools – there will alweays be some kids – liike me and my grade school buddies – that doesnt like cops that will screw with the cops like making a gun sign with his finger and the damned cop will take that as a threat, etc.! They should maybe certify the teachers to carry and conceal if they have to do anything – atleast the teachers care about safety and their students instead of going off for any little thing like the damned cops usualy seem to like to do. Yep, I think having armed cops or uniformed security guards at schools would be the worst thing to do.

  2. I completely agree Diggerdan. An armed guard is more easily a target as opposed to a teacher with a concealed gun. The fact the gun is concealed makes the assailant have to wonder who has a gun and who doesn’t. Also, I don’t like the idea of living in a police state where the solution is more armed police. I see no difference with that and the TSA. More freedom is always the better solution in my opinion.

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