Duluth Police Panic Shooting Man Through Closed Door Of His Home – Earning The Hate


May 12th, 2021.

DULUTH — Two video clips filed in State District Court show the moment a Duluth police officer fired through the closed door of a downtown apartment unit, injuring an unarmed man inside.

The body camera clips were filed by St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin in response to a defense request to dismiss two felony firearm charges against Tyler Leibfried.

The video, as previously described in court documents, shows Leibfried and fellow officer Cory Lindsholm walking up to a third-floor unit at the Kingsley Heights Apartments on the night of Sept. 12, 2020, after they received a report of a possible domestic disturbance. They determined there was no cause for arrest but were planning to speak with the occupant, Jared Fyle.

Leibfried, trailed by Lindsholm, was approaching the door when two loud banging noises could be heard — something both officers later said they believed to be gunshots. The videos show Leibfried ducking into a small alcove, with Lindsholm seeking cover down the hallway and around a corner.

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Leibfried quickly calls out “shots fired” over the radio and retrieves his duty pistol as Lindsholm is heard yelling his name from down the hall. The video shows Leibfried pointing his gun at the door, which has no signs of damage, for several seconds before firing an initial volley of four shots — some 10 seconds after the initial banging noises were heard.

Fyle, who remains inside the apartment, can be heard screaming “Stop!” at least nine times, followed by an expression of “Ow!” Leibfried, after waiting 6 seconds, then fires and additional two rounds into the door as further screams are heard from Fyle and others in the building.

“Please! Stop!” Fyle is heard shouting. “Can I open the door? Stop! Ow! I got shot! Open the door! Open the door! Please! Stop!”

Leibfried is heard summoning medical attention for the victim as Lindsholm ..

3 thoughts on “Duluth Police Panic Shooting Man Through Closed Door Of His Home – Earning The Hate

  1. I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of this video. The narrator never shuts the f*** up. He should have let the video play through once, then go back and provide commentary and stop the video when ever needed. I like to see something with my own eyes and form my own opinion before someone else runs their damn mouth non-stop.

    1. You couldn’t watch more than a few seconds?… You should have watched the whole video and you would clearly see and hear that no comments were made during the showing. Truly shocking and upsetting….This only shows that Police are psychopathic, existing to enforce communism.

      1. Yeah, maybe because he was running his mouth from the beginning and should have showed the video first. I don’t need this particular example to show that the “authorities” are Blackwater gestapo thug bastards. If it took YOU this long to figure that out, then you’re hardly in a position to tell me to do anything.

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