Durham protester who helped topple Confederate statue arrested

Fox 10 News

 – Deputies have arrested the woman who climbed a Confederate statue and tied the rope that was used to tear it down.

During a news conference Tuesday, Takiyah Thompson identified herself as the woman who climbed the statue in Durham. She said her actions were justified because Confederate statues represent white supremacy.  

After the news conference ended, sheriff’s deputies took her away in handcuffs. It wasn’t immediately clear what charges she faced, but the sheriff said earlier in the day that those responsible for tearing down the statue would face felony charges.

On Monday night, Thompson climbed a ladder, attached the rope, and people on the ground pulled on it to tear the bronze statue of a Confederate soldier from its pedestal. After it fell, some began kicking the statue, while others took photos standing or sitting on it. The protest was in response to violence and a death at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.


One thought on “Durham protester who helped topple Confederate statue arrested

  1. they not only need to arrest those acting out on these removals, but hold those instigating these removals too.. like Mayors , Judges etc … anyone

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