Dust storm moving at 90mph winds blanket HALF of Kansas

Daily Mail

A blinding dust storm with powerful winds of 90mph tore through half of Kansas, as trailers were knocked over in Colorado and fires spread throughout Oklahoma on Wednesday, just days after dozens of powerful tornadoes swept through the area, flattening buildings in nearby Kentucky.

The wild weather, amid some record-high temperature, affected 100 million people in states throughout the Midwest and Great Plains with the National Weather Service calling it a ‘historical weather day.’

‘The Central US has never seen a December storm like this,’ tweeted Bill Karins, a meteorologist for MSNBC, saying it was ‘multi-hazard, life threatening weather today.’

Winds of 70 to more than 100 miles per hour have already torn through the area, ripping off roofs, overturning 18-wheelers and leaving at least 380,000 people without power as of 8.30pm Wednesday throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.

See all the pics and video here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10315055/Blinding-dust-storm-moving-90mph-hurricane-strength-winds-blanket-HALF-Kansas.html

6 thoughts on “Dust storm moving at 90mph winds blanket HALF of Kansas

    1. Thanks Galen, we are fine. Doc couldn’t finish his mail route but we knew ahead of time so everything was tied down. During a dust storm you do your best not to be driving and you sure as hell try not to breathe in the dirt. If you’ve ever read anything about the dirty 30’s a majority of the people/animals died of respiratory issues. Thanks for thinking of us.

      1. Glad you’re safe. Yeah, I knew a little about the great dust bowl of the 30’s, but seeing your post, my husband got curious about it and found more info. Very interesting, and with many consequences. I sure didn’t know it reached all the way to the Atlantic. Anyhow, you’re probably already aware of all this but I’ll post a link or two on what we found from the history channel. I’m sure there are more accurate reports out there:

        Dust Bowl:



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