Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces 30-count indictment in Boston Marathon bombing

NBC News – by Pete Williams and Andrew Rafferty

A grand jury has indicted Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on charges of using weapons of mass destruction and killing four people, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

Tsarnaev, 19, has been accused of setting off bombs near the finish line of the city’s annual race on April 15 with the help of his brother Tamerlan. The blasts killed three people, and investigators believe the brothers killed a university police officer in the days after the attack while attempting to evade capture.  

Tsarnaev was severely injured after a gun battle with police and has been held in a Massachusetts prison hospital after his April 19 capture. His brother Tamerlan was killed in course of the manhunt.

A press conference is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces 30-count indictment in Boston Marathon bombing

  1. Stupidity on the part of DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI, Justice Department, Obama and administration among others is responsible for this Boston marathon Mishap/Bombing. They’s rather snoop on Patriotic citizens. Since when did it become “Of the government, by the government and for the government”? Get the scum out of office.

    1. NOT so fast there karin…….both brothers as well as the family have long term ties(over 10 yrs) working with the cia in Uzbekistan as well as here stateside. they were involved in a terrorist drill which went live and they were made patsies. why/….. because they told their controllers in the cia that they were done doing the dirty work of the cia/stateside and were burned for it.

  2. totally ridiculous, obviously either the whole thing is a staged hoax psyop like sandy hook and the tsarnevs are in on the whole act, or it is a setup,i am leaning toward the whole thing being staged ,certainly the whole watertown incident was staged at the very least,there is video of what looks exactly like tamerlan being taken into custody ,the photo of tamerlan on the slab at the morgue looks totally faked ,tamerlans “widow” cathrine russel is from a CIA family ,and her family is among the founders of skull and bones, and tamerlan uncle ruslan tsarni/tsarnev was all over the news calling his nephews losers and saying they deserve to die,with out seeing any evidence of them being involed ,uncle ruslan was married to the daughter of graham fuller,a top CIA agent under regan who was behind engineering the mujaheddin war against the soviets,and who also has ties to notorious accounting firm arthur andersen and haliburton subsidiary oil contractors and pipeline contractors in the caucuses ,the whole thin stinks, and the supposed confession note he supposedly scrawled inside the boat is the icing on the cake , perfect anti muslim pro jew war propaganda ,just like the mother saying i dont care if they kill me allahu ackbar ,and the supposed confession to the anonymous chinese guy they supposedly car jacked, they must think we are totally retarded, their utter contempt for us and insult to our intelligence pisses me the f#@k off to no end

  3. also you should check out operation urban sheild boston and the website of “strategicoperations” check out the news section of the strategic operations website and see how they were training with boston 1st responders, the DHS and the fusion centers for the operation urban sheild boston drills ,then go to youtube and check out the video “strategic operations video business card

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