Earning a living in the Dark Market.

Come and Make It

The books Daemon and Freedom(tm) by Author Daniel Suarez describe a dystopian future where the world has a alt form of commerce based on fictional Dark Market credits. Chapters begin with the Dark Market to dollar exchange rate.

The book describes a faction tribe system based around individual members skills, and people interacting with each other with a “reputation score” of one to five stars with one star being the lowest.  

The books also describe how members of this new system can download manufacturing modules, which are various types of micro factories that members can in the books terminology; download from the system.

These micro factories are in cargo containers that are used to fabricate new local factories which then the original factory is returned to the system to be sent to other locations as seeds to build even more factories. These modules can also be rented by faction members with the use of the Dark Market virtual currency.

What the author describes, is something that I see has a good chance of becoming reality. If those of us in the movement, so to speak; are willing to choose to embrace this new/old way of commerce.

For me, if this system was existing today. I would be the first one to bang on the virtual system door and beg admittance. Yet in all my search for the Matrix, I have seen only the obvious pieces in front of my nose.

So let’s look at what pieces of this system are in the here and now, and the feasibility of taking this to the next level.

The Dark Markets are here. From the open air Criagslist, to Silk Road types of markets, to the various auction sites that all transactions are solely in Bitcoin.

Yet right now the Dark Markets via Freenet or Onion router network are mostly for items like drugs or what are items that not .gov sanctioned. The open air markets are subject to attack, via .gov and people who wish to steal.

Yet what if we in the movement decided to put our goods, our services in the Dark Market? A gigantic Mega Market where we could get real tangible services and goods outside of the realm of oligarch control. A system where reputation scores are a open and public thing, not like the secret credit score that only those who pretend to be our masters can view?

The hardest part to do this is the transition from the present system to a new one. This ever promised bullshit word ‘change’ that has lost its meaning under the propaganda by the left, so I will use the word restoration because words do have meaning.

So I propose this. If for example you sell some thing real with a real tangible value, offer your goods and services in BOTH markets.

For example you have your business in the white market selling gravel, and you also will deliver that gravel for compensation in Bitcoin, or some other proxy for wealth, like gold, silver, copper, or even gasoline. The proxy itself is not important, it just has to work.

I do not know if Bitcoin is the answer, but it is starting to work.

Will you make the micro factories and take back the means of production for yourself?

Will you work in the new system?

Will you join us?

The collectivists rail constantly about taking back the means of production and giving to the people, yet they only seek to give to themselves.

The other side has already created their version of a Dark Market via illegal immigration in the West. The veritable armies of these third world sheep have their own shadow banking, employment, housing, business and transportation system happening right under noses and has been there for the last 30+ years.

Who says the forces for freedom can’t hove our own too?

Who says we have to follow the other sides rules?

The rules we never agreed to.

The peaceful disobedience advocated in the 1960’s did have a point. No one rules if no one obeys.

The collectivists have already had their own version of the Velvet Revolution.

Do what they fear most. Be a counter-revolutionary.

The day is coming where you will have to choose your side. Participation is mandatory.

More to come.


3 thoughts on “Earning a living in the Dark Market.

  1. “So I propose this. If for example you sell some thing real with a real tangible value, offer your goods and services in BOTH markets.”

    And that’s the only way it will work. People have to move onto things slowly and they generally don’t accept drastic change unless it’s forced upon them.

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