Earth Continues To Cool – While Al Gore Lives In Luxury

Obviously, the global warming con has made many con men rich, as they fly around in carbon eating private jets, giving anybody with enough money the Barnum and Bailey circus bark. This includes the biggest of the circus barkers “BIG AL GORE”, a man with a global warming bent, and a global warming bank account.

Big Al Gore wasn’t present recently when scientist used a hot water drill to bore deep inside the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica recently to find that the floating shelf isn’t melting, but freezing, more proof that the idiots we put our faith in are goddamn liars.  

The earth won’t be told when it is to become an ice age, only Mother Nature decides that, not some overweight scum bag such as “BIG AL GORE”. One minute this over weight Barnum and Bailey circus bark has minimal funds in his bank account, the next he has hundreds of millions of dollars, fed to him from people believing his horse manure theories of evolution.

Last night, one of the worst storms on the east coast in history cut power to 2,000,000 people, 100 MPH winds, and enough snow to shut down high-powered snow blowing trucks.

Here is one thing in BIG AL GORES defense, when his body passes hot air, the earth warms for a split second.

American scientists who feed us the BS for the most part are phonies, not capable of predicting temperatures inside a 5 gallon gold fish bowl.

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