Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Dire Situation

Published on Feb 5, 2018

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National Geographic Article:…

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Oxygen Escape:…

Space Radiation Danger:…



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10 thoughts on “Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Dire Situation

  1. Thanks for the confirmation, Mary.

    Sensationalizing every little event into a world-ending scenario sells a lot of newspapers, and always has, but as the narrator of the video says, “we’re already into it” (and no one noticed), and “it won’t affect much other then compass directions and some animal navigation”. (I only watched the first few minutes of the video, and never got to the “dire situation” mentioned in the headline, because I didn’t see a need to. If “dire situation” weren’t in the title, no one would watch it. There will be no “dire situation” occurring as a result of this)

    We have an end-of-the-world prediction every month from one yellow-rag “journalist” or another, for the same reason the nightly news is endlessly discussing breast implants (film at 11).

    1. yup agreed
      I cant do shit about this, or do shit that would change the outcome of this for me or my family

      sometimes there are things worse than death ( having to be in the same room as Hillary Clinton for one)

      i choose death

      1. I’ve always considered worrying about any possible NATURAL apocalyptic events to be highly anti-productive, EotS.

        We have enough to concern ourselves with insofar as things we DO have some measure of control over, imo.

          1. True, JR, but my ‘worrying’ turned into massive outrage once I finally woke up.

            It’s that anger that drives me these days… the motivation for what I do here.

  2. UV Radiation does not destroy Ozone, it is one of the things required to create Ozone. that is why the Ozone holes get bigger in the months of darkness at the poles and gets smaller in the months of light.

    and Oxygen cannot just vent when there is no magnetic field. it can be bombarded by solar winds but it cannot just float off due to the fact that gravity also exerts it effects upon Oxygen molecules..

    whoever the genus who did this video is seriously needs to go read a science and physics book.

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