Eating the Elephant

Twelve Round

There is no legal means by which to quarantine HEALTHY people, other than communist-level restrictions of liberty. If we were a better educated people, it would be sufficient to request that we do the intelligent things to avoid any spread of the disease, but since the public school system has been utilized to convert logical intelligent people into obedient slaves of governmental dictates, these quarantines are the only means by which to ensure compliance. 

Proceeding on the principle that no government has ever returned power once obtained from the people through deception, threat or overreaction we might as well recognize that these levels of restrictions will find a home within government power from now on. Imagine how many “health issues” can be used to demand papers to allow travel. How soon will “health” dictate that all travel is inherently dangerous and can be mitigated with permanent travel restrictions. I mean, you don’t HAVE to drive to Toledo, so you should not be able to.

In order to maintain something of an economy with most of the nation locked away in their homes, there has been a 2 Trillion dollar payment to individuals, businesses and corporations to stabilize the economy and another 4 Trillion dollar loosening of the Federal Reserve to go along with it. What does that mean? It means that created out of air is twice the annual tax receipts for the United States. There is no way that is not a significant economic event. It is the invention of 1/3 of GDP. That it would not have a drastic and detrimental effect on the future of the nation is insanity only capable of being ignored by graduates of the public school system.

In one fell swoop of a minor pandemic the United States as a nation has abandoned both the republic and capitalism. Individual rights are destroyed, never again to be seen as rational arguments against the power of the state. Capitalism has lost out to the political and economic ideology of Soviet Russia allowing for such things as “travel permits” and sequestration of healthy individuals. It might be politically acceptable to brush all of this off for the time being as we sort out how big of a problem the pandemic is going to be, but it will never return to what it was and what few and precious rights once available to us will no longer be accessible through the courts.

It’s over. The elephant is dead. Capitalism is gone, the republic is gone. What we have now is an opportunity to feed off of the dead elephant, to stockpile as much as we can, to distance ourselves from each other and prepare for the ultimate battle for survival. The economic collapse is already in motion. It would have come along anyway, eventually, but this stimulus package stacked on top of the already soaring debt and unfunded liabilities will cripple the nation forever. It will implode. That is not to say that it will not chug along on four square wheels for some time, but the last support has been kicked out from under it, that of the belief in the rule of law and an understanding of global economics. Without those, nothing prevents the ceiling up from crashing down. It is what we recognize in Christianity as faith. Remove faith (as we have) and the only thing left are words, memes circulating the popular sites with no structural substance.

Everything we do from now on is in preparation for what comes next. We will fight against the powers of communism with everything we have. We will take everything we can get from the government to deprive it of the spoils to mete out to their communist supporters. It is a fight over the bones of the once powerful elephant. Our sustenance is it’s flesh.

Twelve Round

11 thoughts on “Eating the Elephant

  1. Nice well stated article… Resistance and rebellion is the new Norm coming soon.

    If not then slavery and showing your papers to gestapo thugs will be the new norm…

    When they start that shit, may we all begin resisting in the best methods possible.

    Think long range….

    We will be labeled as terrorist without fail…

    But some of us will refuse to go along with this obvious NWO plan which has been triggered, no matter where the chips fall.

    It would be nice if cops and Mil would stand down and say no to this shit, but they love the new power.

    Just remember the suits, they must feel the pain as much as possible once this kicks off.

    1. Mandatory vaccinations are going to be the game changer. Now, they want to take your lively hood away, no shot, no pay check. They are itching to implement this treason.

      These MTHKRS are going to have hell on their hands.

      1. Mark, thank you. I did read your article this morning and typed out a reply then I accidentally deleted it …arghh….

  2. We have to stop edging into the realm of any doubt.
    God damn mother f-king son of a bitch.
    We f-king outnumber these c-k suckers a thousand to one. If we do not slaughter these mother f-kers easily and without hesitation, it will be for one reason only….cowardice.

    1. If I was scared, I wouldn’t have came on board 10.5 years ago, or submitted thousands of articles or dollars to your site.

      1. I wasn’t talking to you, Mark.
        We’ve all known what is coming. When they up the threat level, we say bring it on and stand our ground and remember who we are.
        We have watched the leaderless resistance both in Hong Kong and here with Occupy completely f-k their modus operandi. If Occupy or Hong Kong had have been armed resistance, they wouldn’t have been stopped. When DHS went after Occupy, they had to go across this country attacking and burning the possessions of every Occupier, instead of doing what they have been doing for 240 years, and that is infiltration and control of the command structure.
        Everybody needs to find their resolve and stand firm with a stiff upper lip and realize this is a f-king war and people are going to die. How many depends how we fight to enforce our ratified law as individuals. There is no other way to find out who our natural leaders are and expand the defense of the castle to offensive guerrilla warfare. We are fighting criminals who have committed crimes against the supreme ratified law of this land. They are cowards and they know the penalty.
        Fight with all your heart and fight dirty and never show reluctance to take back what belongs to you. Never show weakness. This is how we win.

  3. But yes, Henry is right, and I understand his concern when posting anything that shows weakness on this site, when you work as hard as he has to keep this site in operation, we dont need to see this kind of shit, we see enough of it everywhere else.

    A friend of mine who is a Pastor, sent this article to me, I usually send them right along to Henry, I’m going to have to be more careful about that from now on. Paster Brooks is a good man, we are just on different planets when it comes down to this war on evil.

    My bad, dont need to make Henry’s job any more goddamned difficult than it already is.

    We all need to remember that..Cowardice is something that is extremely damning when you are involved in what we do here, I dont like being any part of it at all, when you are a part of this movement towards freedom, as we are here, it rubs the wrong way, if you are a part of this site, your no fkg coward, that is for goddamned sure.

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