6 thoughts on “The economy explained with two cows

  1. Capitalism: The state says you don’t have a permit for the cows, takes both and butchers both, giving the meat to the illegal refugees, and sending you a bill for the butcher and the distribution of the cows.

  2. Oligarchy: Corporations have government seize both cows, fine you, burn their bodies, tax you for it, seize your farm and sell it to corporations for pennies, blame you for poor economy and give corporations subsidies from what they stole from you.

  3. In Lavoys world they took his cows and gave him lead

    we gonna keep letting them play like that?

    Its F’ken called Tyranny, thats what this all is

    we only have an “economy” if it suits the oligarchy , and right now they are too busy ordering everyone around and how its going to be , they dont give a flat F’k about an economy when they are all filthy rich, they want us on our knees , because that makes life for them easy

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