Editor Fired For Anti-Obama Headline Speaks Out

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

The Chattanooga Times Free Press  fired editor Drew Johnson after an editorial titled “Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President, (Titled now changed to “President Obama’s policies have harmed Chattanooga enough”) claiming his headline was “inappropriate” and “outside of normal editing procedures.”  

Following the firing, Johnson took to Twitter to express his shock, saying “I just became the first person in the history of newspapers to be fired for writing a paper’s most-read article,” he wrote, adding “we change headlines all the time without incident or issue.”

In the video below, Johnson speaks to Greta Van Susteren about the article, the headline and being fired from the Free Press.



3 thoughts on “Editor Fired For Anti-Obama Headline Speaks Out

  1. Anyone that speaks out against this corrupt regime will suffer or even be removed from the gene pool. So much for free speech in this country and thank you mister Putin for taking care of Edward Snowden ,the guy that the corrupt regime assured you that they would not torture or kill if you gave him back! You see Snowden dared to tell the truth about what is going on in this country now and that really put a bur in the backside. We need several hundred more whistle blowers to speak out so we can get this show on the road.Its hard to believe that so many people can’t seem to see this traitor for what he is!

  2. I contacted the Chat-Times and had received a call-back from the Editor… she was very professional and contended that the firing was based upon Johnson not following internal protocol…and that the Times has a “Conservative Page” and a “Liberal page” from a opinion page perspective…and she contended that they have been very critical of the Obama administration….I’m not sure where the actual truth lies,…but I think the paper doesn’t understand the public mood…nor the obvious anger and mistrust we have for all of them….very sad…


    RJ O’Guillory
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