Educational decline: Homeschooling surges as parents seek safer option for children

Washington Times – by Valerie Richardson

After a gunman opened fire on students in Parkland, Florida, the phones started ringing at the Texas Home School Coalition, and they haven’t stopped yet.

The Lubbock-based organization has been swamped with inquiries for months from parents seeking safer options for their kids in the aftermath of this year’s deadly school massacres, first in Parkland and then in Santa Fe, Texas.  

“When the Parkland shooting happened, our phone calls and emails exploded,” said coalition president Tim Lambert. “In the last couple of months, our numbers have doubled. We’re dealing with probably between 1,200 and 1,400 calls and emails per month, and prior to that it was 600 to 700.”

Demands to restrict firearms and beef up school security have dominated the debate following the shootings, but flying under the radar is the surge of interest in homeschooling as parents lose faith in the ability of public schools to protect students from harm.

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6 thoughts on “Educational decline: Homeschooling surges as parents seek safer option for children

  1. “Education” is a word they use to create the automatic illusion that it is a positive institution. It is much akin to “holocaust denial”, as it implies that if you counter it or disagree with it you are refuting a universally proven, accepted and bona fide TRUTH.

  2. Get rid of the communist learning centers and home school, no other option makes any sense if your American National.

    First year learning should be how to hunt, fish,build and load ammo and be able to build rifles blindfolded , build a homestead and run a 5 man squad specializing in night tacticts.

    English and math will come naturally as you start to count the bullets holes in your 100 yard targets and the words used while expousing your excitement. LMAO


    The Washington times is trying to convince Americans that people are pulling their kids out of school because of the shootings, but that’s nonsense, because even the most paranoid Mom knows the risk is insignificant.

    They’re tired of their kids undergoing communist and homosexual indoctrination. They’re tired of their kids coming home feeling ashamed of being white. They’re tired of their kids being instructed in “fisting” techniques in sex ed class.

    The public school system has gone full-scale commie and homo, and it’s only natural for parents to want to avoid exposing their kids to that crap…… but of course, you’ll never hear that mentioned in a Zionist propaganda rag like the Washington times.

  4. Educational Decline = Home Schooling? The Washington Times is gonna do what the Washington Times is gonna do! Hope the HSLDA has enough personnel to handle all the phone calls…

  5. For over 20 years, the Exodus Mandate Project ( has been encouraging Christian parents to remove their children from these indoctrination centers and place them in Christian schools or homeschool. Please watch on Livestream (online) Mon-Fri, 11:00-11:30 am (EST) for updates on Christian education and homeschooling. Chaplain E. Ray Moore (Lt.Col.) USAR, Ret. is challenging us everyday to get our “Boots on the ground” and become activists for our children’s education and for generations to come!

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