Egypt Protests : Boston and Woolwich style : Pallywood comes to Egypt : Crisis Actors Caught faking Injury : Morsi is a gonner: Message from Egypt : This is the real news:



Wake up from Egypt

This is a clear indication that Egyptians are waking up but not all of them.

Why is Morsi a Zionist? as was Mubarak? So why do they dispense with them?

Just see what money buys first : yes thats right Actors : They are all paid Crisis actors Like Boston and Woolwich and Sandy Hook:

Egypt zionist crisis actors


If you somehow do not believe in Crisis actors then go here: for absolute clarity in Boston and Sandy Hook : Many have been spotted in 3 false flags earning good money:

Worst crisis actor award

So it is  easy…. Lets follow the money to get an understanding of what is going on : After all War is good for the economy :

Egypt is only one example of a covertly “occupied nation”. It is tightly within the grip of the U.S. Empire which is tightly in the grip of the Bilderbergs. it doesn’t matter how many revolutions erupt or how many leaders are elected in Egypt, the US backed Egyptian military has ruled Egypt since the coup in 1952…and that’s not going to change. They are the regional superpower – financed, built and trained by Washington with the CIA pulling the strings.


The Egyptian people believe that their massive demonstrations are responsible for ousting unpopular Presidents like Mubarak and Morsi. Wrong!

Mubarak and Morsi were NOT ousted by the people. They were ousted by the US backed Egyptian army and the Washington-based IMF loan sharks.


The International Monetary Fund banksters are waiting for the “chosen” new puppet leader to emerge before renewing its $4.8 billion loan program. The Washington-based IMF loan sharks traditionally don’t do business with countries undergoing serious political turmoil.

“We hope all of the participants will work constructively for a peaceful (IMF profits) outcome,” say the Washington loan sharks who have secretly picked the next ‘loan-cooperative puppet’ for the Egyptian crowds to follow – yet to be revealed.


Egypt and the IMF banksters have held protracted negotiations over a loan needed to help combat a severe economic crisis. The solution? Drowning in more debt. Morsi rejected the outrageous IMF conditions asking him to cut fuel subsidies and raise sales taxes. That’s the reason why Morsi was ousted!

Morsi thought he could obtain an IMF loan without first cutting spending. Worse, while failing to meet the ruthless IMF banksters demands that he cut $2.5 billion of his $15 billion subsidies budget, he increased the $3.2 billion loan request to $4.8 billion.

Morsi figured he could get from Germany the loan he failed to get from the IMF. He figured wrong. Berlin turned him down and so did Russia. Things turned ugly for Morsi when Moody’s cut Egypt’s government-bond rating to junk-level Caa1.

Much more Here : As Egypt is one giant False Flag and yet another False flag failure:

And here is a good overview of our lovely leaders who make decisions about your life behind closed doors:

A change in political leaders is the only change Egyptians (and neighboring nations) can expect to see as long as Washington is in control.

If this generation of young Egyptians fails to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and allows their US backed military to continue covertly governing them, they are destined to be demonstrating in Tahrir Square again in two years and celebrating the fall of another puppet leader.



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