Elderly Americans have it Twice as Bad – Too Much too Soon – The Culling Begins

It’s a subject I particularly don’t like to talk about, but we must understand that our older population is at a huge risk, they either don’t want to leave the dangers because of all the hassles, they’re just to weak, or they just don’t give a damn and are ready for whatever happens to them. Many have nobody, they’re on their own.

They might not die now, but the stress will eventually kill them.

21% of Floridians are made up of these people, Houston close to the same if not more. I am a here to tell you, the magnitude of the deaths these (geo-engineered) hurricanes are going to be responsible for are going to be staggering, we will never hear the real numbers. Think of the hurricanes as a huge set of brooms, doing nothing more than sweeping away many of the burdens and hassles the establishment no longer has to deal with, while at the same time infusing whatever insanity these treasonous monsters are about to inflict on us. 

Our older population just can’t handle the stress, that simple. Chemtrails, geo-engineered food, old age will just be too much. Many are going to perish.

What are the odds that two major nuclear hurricanes, with more on the way, hits major population areas?

Fires in the west, hurricanes in the east, disasters all around us; this to me smells like manipulation. You open up your borders to the enemy; you get what’s happening to us right now.

Oh yes, that includes these nuclear hurricanes. You don’t think these hurricanes are being manipulated, you’re an idiot. There is evil all around us, this is just a taste. Just wait until our nuclear reactors start to implode, be prepared for the worst, as our finances will be next.

Keep your minds open for what evil these creatures are capable of.

7 thoughts on “Elderly Americans have it Twice as Bad – Too Much too Soon – The Culling Begins

  1. agree Mark….dollar collapse around the corner….but I have to say I know some tough elderly people who have lived through some damn tough times and come out stronger…they have learned through these tough experiences not to sweat the small stuff……it is on us to take care of them…..now you wanna talk millennials? Oy Vey! there’s a group in t-r-o-u-b-l-e……I appreciate your thoughts Mark

    1. It’s the ones with no family I’m worried about Mary, yes many are tough as nails, my grandmother was, but it’s the stress thing, stress is a killer and these bastards know it.

      1. I understand Mark…..they want us all dead…..it is why we must take care of each other…..when one feels cared for it does amazing things for the spirit

  2. The care and respect of elders is one more thing they are stealing from us. The emphasis on youth culture is all-pervading, a modern and real-life version of Lord of the Flies. Was a time when elders were respected for their wisdom and experience and were treated with reverence. Growing up, my grandparents were king and queen. We couldn’t do enough for them and it was NEVER a burden to care for them. In fact, it was an honor, and really, the most natural thing in the world. Then came NURSING HOMES! And we started to lose our natural tendencies of taking care of our own. Maybe we should all be taking notes from anyone over 75. Each is a library.

    Thanks, Mark, such an important topic.


  3. Yep, culling indeed. After all, the more that die right after they get social security and medicare benefits they’ve paid into for many years (folks, SS and Medicare are NOT entitlements, okay? Not when you’ve paid into the system for fifty years or so! Naturally, the only ones who call them “entitlements” are politicians who can’t wait for the results of the culling, as long as it doesn’t affect them!)…the more that die in their sixties after starting to collect SS and medicare, the better for the criminal psychos. And then they’ll raise the FICA to 10 percent (It’s now 6 1/2 percent for SS, a smaller percentage for medicare), and the retirement age to 72. If the millennials make it that far! If the millennials even have jobs!

  4. “Our older population just can’t handle the stress, that simple. Chemtrails, geo-engineered food, old age will just be too much.”

    You left out Big Pharma, Mark.

    They’ll kill off a fairly large segment.

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