EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH UK MHRA – Exposing the genomic sequence of SARSCov2

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When I read the Wuhan study in Feb 2020 I was mortified by the monkey kidney & foetal cell-lines which were used as a “culture” before rt-PCR amplification. Isolation was never satisfactory at any stage thereafter.
I honestly felt sick.
The genome sequence was computed from this. 

I set about proving that the vaccine has been created from a computer generated genomic sequence & not one isolated from an infected person, either in Wuhan or anywhere else in the world since.

The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was approved by UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) & I initiated a polite exchange of emails with them as follows:

MHRA Email 1.png
MHRA Email 2.png
MHRA Email 3.png
MHRA Email 4.png
MHRA 5.png
MHRA 6.png
MHRA 7.png
MHRA 8.png

Twitter post yesterday & my account was summarily suspended:

MHRA 9 - twitter suspension notice.png

Several followers asked for sight of the original exchange of emails & as twitter is so limited I decided to create this article which, being on the blockchain, is safe from deletion.

Thanks to all followers on all social media channels for disseminating my work.

Much love as ever


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