Embassies Bombed in Rome

The Swiss and Chilean Embassies in Rome were bombed yesterday morning, setting the tone for a fear filled Christmas holiday.  It is being speculated that the bombs might be the work of anarchists as there have been anti-government protests throughout Italy this past week. The two bombs that exploded injured two staffers which are reportedly in serious condition.  Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini called the attack a “deplorable act of violence” and offered Italy’s support to the embassy staff and injured.

Tuesday a bomb was found in a subway in Italy.  As it had no detonator, it is believed that it was meant to be a warning as a precursor to the live bombs which exploded yesterday.  The incident is being compared with another which occurred in Greece on November 2nd wherein there were mail bombs sent to 14 different embassies, including the Swiss Embassy of which two exploded, however no injuries were reported.

As the European governments continue to enact Austerity Measures it would seem that the people are not going to back down from their individual governments.  Though no one can condone acts of terrorism, the underlying cause for there being cannot be denied.  When governments cause harm to those they are supposed to be serving it is portrayed as “tough love.”  When the people rise up in defiance, it is called “terrorism.”

Considering the 150,000 Iraqi civilians killed by American troops in a war based on proven lies and manipulation it would seem hypocritical for anyone in our government or media to judge the actions of the Europeans.

We are ourselves experiencing terror threats of Mumbai style mass killings and food poisonings reportedly to be carried out by Islamic terrorists. One would have to say there is an unseasonably high level of hate existing across the world at present.  So is this a case of mass insanity or is there reason for the madness.

The international banking system has crippled the economy of Europe and is in truth the root cause for the wars in the Middle East.  The internationals sit back in their chateaus, sipping brandy, while the common people of the world are killing one another off in a contest to see who is not going to have to give up everything they own to pay the debts brought on by their international fraud.

God help the world.

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