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Emerati Minister: ‘Iran Is A Greater Threat Than Al-Qaeda, ISIS’

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: What I find extremely interesting is now that we are hearing ISIS is defeated or near defeated, immediately we are hearing of escalated tensions with Iran. Now we have quotes from middle east leaders as the title indicates that paint Iran in the colors of the enemy. We all know how Saudi Arabia feels about it. A new precedent is beginning to form that points toward conflict with Iran. In today’s world, calling one a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism is a globally supported reason for war. We live in interesting times!

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A top UAE official warned a high-powered gathering of U.S. government, military and business leaders on Sunday that Iranian-sponsored terror, while “similar” to al-Qaeda and ISIS, “has greater potential” for impacting negatively on the region and the world.

At a dinner event here in support of ever-strengthening ties between Washington and Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Bin Ahmad Al Bawardi, UAE minister of state for defense affairs, said his country was proud of the “joint accomplishments” in combating terror and extremism of the two Sunni groups, yet urged closer collaboration in confronting Shiite Iran and its proxies in Lebanon and Yemen.

“Over the years, we have collaborated jointly in the war on terror against al-Qaeda and ISIS, yet more collaborative work remains to be accomplished in the future to abolish all forms of terror and extremism. I must stress that much work must be done to confront extremist Iranian threats to world peace and security with their surrogates in the region Hizbollah and the Houthis in Yemen,” Al Bawardi said.

Source: Emerati minister: Iran is a greater threat than al-Qaeda, ISIS

World Events and the Bible

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  1. NC says:

    How about “ISIS is over. We can all go home now.”?

    Too easy? I thought so.

    Onward, march!!!

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