Emergency Powers: Worldwide Governmental Power Grabs Reveal Scripted Agenda

The Freedom Articles – by Makia Freeman

Emergency powers are the name of the game right now as governments around the world are collectively engaging in power grabs – all justified by the convenient coronavirus crisis (the same coronavirus crisis that various countries and groups were actively simulating for before it happened). Virtually every nation on Earth has a COVID-19 case and therefore an excuse to grab emergency powers by claiming they are only doing it for the sake of health, safety and security, which is the typical catchcry of tyrants. According to the latest BBC report, a staggering 1/4 (one quarter) of the world is on lockdown. Misleaders like US President Donald Trump and UK PM Boris Johnson were initially reluctant to respond to the coronavirus, that is before they were told by their dark-suited advisors in the shadows that they better get with the program. For all the hype, panic and fear you see around the world today, you would think we are in the midst of the most lethal killing agent ever, not something which so far has only killed around 20,000 people worldwide after months and months, when in the US alone the seasonal flu kills between 12,000 and 60,000 every year according to CDC stats for the last 10 years. Below is a short list of what governments are doing amidst this fake pandemic.

USA: Let’s Close the Courts and Permanently Detain People Without Trial During Emergencies

Attorney-General William Barr – the same guy who has been pathetically overseeing the Jeffery Epstein case and doing nothing about it, while having connections to Epstein himself – has as DOJ head shown his true tyrannical colors by asking for some extreme emergency powers. The Hill reports:

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