Emil Savundra | The Frost Programme | 1967

The Great British Channel

Jun 9, 2017

Sir David Frost interviews Emil Savundra (6 July 1923 – 21 December 1976) an infamous businessman who twice served jail sentences for large scale fraud. It was on this show in 1967, that Savundra’s business affairs were made public.

2 thoughts on “Emil Savundra | The Frost Programme | 1967

  1. When I watched this last night the beginning was trivial. As I continued to watch I realized that all of the very wealthy people in the world seem to follow Savundra’s thinking.

    1. Wealthy people are going to become unwealthy very damned quick, SOOOOON!….Being wealthy doesnt mean shit right now.

      Wealthy means off grid, and staying alive..

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