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Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter

Published on Jan 10, 2018

Recently, the struggle for Palestinian human rights gained international attention surrounding a new icon of resistance–16 year old Ahed Tamimi. While in the West Bank in late 2016, Abby Martin interviewed Ahed Tamimi about her hardships and aspirations living under occupation and it becomes clear why her subjugators are trying to silence her voice. Her brother Waad and father Bassem also talk about their experiences with Israeli soldiers harassing their village and targeting their family. In this exclusive episode, Abby outlines the Tamimi family’s tragic tale and unending bravery in the fight for justice and equality in Palestine and how the story of their village of Nabi Saleh is emblematic of the Palestinian struggle as a whole.

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2 Responses to Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter

  1. Ed Kendrick says:

    The “most noble: army’s reliance on deception and outright lies is their”strength”, and as the masses awaken to the utter depravity, that strength transforms into the now failed ‘winning formula. The masses now realize how depraved their agenda for conquest of the world is.

    Chutzpah and the theater of war/fear liberal vs. conservatives [control drama] is not courage. It is distraction and deception.

    Chutzpah is not courage.

    Psychopathic projection of their failings upon those they oppress is perhaps the ultimate in lack of integrity. There’s a Polish saying, “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

  2. Mary in ND says:

    HEY OPRAH! Here is a young woman ‘speaking her truth’….a really great opportunity for you to expose the plight of the Palestinians ……..

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