Employers Who Push Illegal Communist Mandatory Vaccine Shots Are Committing Treason – Under Common Law Punishable By Execution

The problem lies with those of us of the human race who don’t believe in forced attrition tactics brought to us by billionaires, who believe in communist ideals and bent ideology based on fakery and treason. American Nationals are not going to stand by and watch their brethren commit suicide.

I say this to any CEO who is nothing more than a shill for the illegal corporate dogma now coursing through Americans’ well being, you are treading in dangerous waters, you want to play these games with American Nationals and their families, you will be dealt with according to common law, ratified legally by way of our Supreme law, The Bill of Rights.

American Nationals are becoming sick and tired of your weasel like mouth pieces dictating nothing more than commie diaper rash. You will not dictate to me or any of my American National friends anything that subverts any of our families’ happiness or well being, do you understand?

Enough of your population control BS, it ends now.

Covid-19 is a fairytale, that ship has sailed, never to return, you are infringing on my rights as an American National with zero due process guaranteed me by my ratified Bill of Rights, subverted by communist criminals long ago.

4 thoughts on “Employers Who Push Illegal Communist Mandatory Vaccine Shots Are Committing Treason – Under Common Law Punishable By Execution

  1. Exactly Mark, AND….

    Since we have No Common Law Courts Available to us at the moment and this Corporate Criminal Government has usurped our bill of rights, there will be no peaceful way to prosecute any of the aforementioned CEO’s, entities whom or what have you.

    Therefore, it will have to be direct enforcement from the people as individuals; when and wherever possible to extract our justice, prior to the reinstalling of our peoples courts and the due process therein.

    This is where they have brought us to, it falls on us, as those that came before us have failed us…..we will not fail our children or the future…..

    So, bring it NWO, employ all your secret tech and agents….we ain’t Hadji’s or Australians…..

    Well stated and shared.

  2. Fair warning and sums up the reality of what they’re doing, Mark.

    They should also know what to expect as their crimes are listed accurately.

    Warning is a gift and more than they deserve for their atrocities.

  3. It’s like Henry has said before, they are treating these corporations like they have some authority over you, like they are your sovereign. You have these Walmart employees walking around like they have some authority to come up to you and tell you what to do. The fact of the matter is these corporations that go along with this are guilty of treason and they will answer up for their crimes when the common law courts are reinstated and the Bill of Rights is reinstated as the Supreme Superior Ratified Law of of We the People .

    That being said, aside from reading articles suggesting they are going to do it, I haven’t heard of anyone I know being forced to get the vaccine… yet. I know a few people (including my own sister) who got it willingly. One who got severely ill just hours after receiving the first dose.

    It’s reminding me of the guns, they sit there going “we’re coming for your guns”, well at some point, you have to stop telling us what you are going to do and you have to DO IT. I know they definitely want to do it. They want to come down hard with the iron fist of communism, but the cowards know once they pull the trigger and go for it, all hell is going to break loose.

  4. Lol
    I was just relieved of my employment.
    Allegedly they think I allegedly have a bad attitude.

    I’m just not a good whore. My name is not kunta. Nor is it Toby. Never has been.

    I figured I’d be gone when they made vaccinations mandatory.

    I filed for unemployment today but I’ve never been able to get it. Enrolled in a cdl class a school and applied for another jay oh bee.

    Never met a job that wasn’t worth loosing. Especially when the raise is half of the increase in minimum wage and happens half as often.

    I can be poor and not have a job. Don’t need a dck banging at who I should be.

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