32 thoughts on “Endless lines of cops are guarding the home of their former colleague who murdered George Floyd.

  1. A woman in a mask, obviously she’s bought the big lie, yet is yelling at how many cops are guarding the house. Seems strange to me.

    1. Some people wake up in little parts

      She’s not yet woke up to Joe Biden’s tweet back in October of 2019
      Warning about such virus before it even was a thing
      So , how did HE know back than if it was supposed to be a “ natural “ occurrence???!!!!!?

      Joe Biden
      We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. We need leadership that builds public trust, focuses on real threats, and mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before they reach our shores.
      Quote Tweet

      The Washington Post
      · Oct 24, 2019
      None of these 195 countries — the U.S. included — is fully prepared for a pandemic, report says https://wapo.st/361AXE3
      4:32 PM · Oct 25, 2019·Twitter

  2. Isn’t funny and doesn’t it speak volumes of how a cop straight up murders someone they had overpowered with at least 3 other pigs and droves of them come to his support even after he’s fired?

    1. Yep. They choose them against US EVERY TIME, no matter what and they always have. But now even stevie wonder can see that.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    OMG!,… I can’t believe what a perfect opportunity these idiots are giving our tactical forces to take them out!

    You couldn’t even beg these Zionist Enforcers to give us a better opportunity to slaughter them in a single gun battle!

    One 8-man team, moving into positions arrayed around them a 200 ~ 400 ft distance, opening fire simultaneously, would drop almost everyone of them within the first several seconds, then the clean-up team moves in and terminates the few remainders.

    The element of surprise, the flashing lights in their eyes, their own hubris that they are untouchable in such numbers, make this a perfect slaughter fest!

    My God,… if only the Americans who are sick and tired of this tyranny and treason were ready at this very moment, this would be the “Slaughter-Fest Heard Round The World!”

    Remember what I said people, our initial battles will be against the enemies front line troops (cops, hence forth called “Enemy-Forces”),.. these low-life traitors who are protecting the upper level traitors.

    Situations like this is where the slaughter will start,.. but it does not end until we reach the likes of Bill Gates, Soros, the Warburgs, and of course, the Rothchilds (and all the other International Zionist/Communists!)

    Once we have hacked our way thru all of them!,… Only then will this earth have peace.

    JD – US Marines Wishing This #War4Freedom Was Already Underway!

      1. Hi EotS:

        It’s an EXTREMEMLY target rich environment, and when it’s my turn, I WILL BE LEADING THE WAY,… as I have done in combat before.

        Since I live here in NJ, and these combat actions are occurring in MN, it shows a gross incompetence on your part to suggest that I should go to such a distant location to engage this enemy when local forces are a far better choice at undertaking any such tactical actions.

        I do not know anyone there, do not know the terrain, do not know where any of the major infrastructure is, nor have I had any request to come there and assist in anyway,… THAT is… “not very tactical”.

        JD – US Marine Waiting For His Chance/Call To Fight.

        1. Since I live here in NJ, and these combat actions are occurring in MN, it shows a gross incompetence on your part to suggest that I should go to such a distant location to engage this enemy when local forces are a far better choice at undertaking any such tactical actions.

          thats not waht i was suggesting

          what you are doing here is what i was suggesting ..lead the way still my man

          just know who it is you’re talking to

          1. Hi EotS:

            #1) That is exactly what you were suggesting. If you meant otherwise, then you should have stated yourself differently.

            #2) I don’t care who you are, only that your comments reflect an attempt to insult my patriotism, or willingness to fight for my country and my rights.

            #3) I’m NOT “your man”.

            #4) lets take your comment at face value: How do you suggest I, or anyone else for that matter (INCLUDING yourself),… “lead the way”?

            JD – It looking more and more like EotS is just another arm-chair-quarterback…..

    1. J.D., When I saw the video of the cops standing on the rooftop of a building and the others lined up like bowling pins, I imagined what it would be like, if instead of using the opportunity to steal merchandise, a good number of the pissed off, were situated with long range high powered rifles. I have a feeling that the government is relieved because of the looting.

      1. Hi BIW:

        Exactly! IF!,.. if a shooting action were to start, you couldn’t ask for a better set-up!

        All highlighted by their own blinding flashing lights, fairly close together, little in the way of cover or concealment, burnable cars, and very importantly, their own self-inflated sense of hubris makes this a perfect kill-box.

        However,… what we are seeing surface now, are strong indications this is little more than another pys-op/false-flag set up.

        Between reporters playing “gun shot” sounds, the lack of any attempt by EMT’s to revive Floyd, and the exposed history that Floyd and the cop new each other well, are all throwing red flags up in the air now,….

        It seems once again – they are trying to START social unrest by playing the race-card.

        We’ll see as more information surfaces.

        JD – US Marine Willing To Fight, But NOT On Their Terms!!

    1. see his hand / arm in his pocket ?

      thats how he is applying more pressure than he could ,with just his knee/leg …fully intentional for this outcome

  4. wrong about me JD , i wasnt implying anything

    but thats fine , you can think whatever you like
    but pissing all over me wont solve shit , i understand your frustration , and maybe i dont spell it out like you want to see it ..sorry

    try stepping back a little , were both on the same side of this

    1. Hi EotS:

      Fair Enough…

      I don’t wish to get into a pissing contest with ANYONE who is on the right side of this (America, Bill of Rights, and Exterminating These Traitors).

      Let’s chalk it off to anxiety, our own internal tensions, and simple misunderstandings.

      If your real (we do have some FBI Trolls on this site), then you and I may end up fighting side-by-side, or at least working together to achieve certain objectives as this evolves.

      If you don’t mind me asking, what part of NJ you in? (I’m in Monroe – Texas Road), might be worthwhile to meet at some point if were kind of close to each other.

      Thanks – JD

      1. I’m real boss
        I’m easy to find just ask Henry
        I own a heavy industrial company in Michigan
        (Tyrant State currently)
        I have nothing to hide

        I’m fighting the same war you are
        I have your back in this fight, will definitely watch anyone’s 6 from this site ,yours too even if at times we are both fighting from our arm chairs ( be honest with yourself here )

        We will prevail
        Because we are US Nationals and don’t take shit from tyrants

        It’s time to make them pay

        This fight is not easy and none of us can be where the heat is when it goes down

        1. We all need to get together, tear some shit up. 🙂 talking through the internet sucks, can’t see or feel the expressions.

          Hate that shit..especially now with all this commie scumbag bullshit going on.

          1. Absolutely
            And my invite still stands for everyone here

            Anyone of you end up getting the State jammed up yer ass
            I’ll do whatever I can to help within my abilities
            I would hope to not be alone in this

            I think JD thought I was “calling him out “ and that’s just not how I deal with patriots
            I know who he is I read his comments
            Get to know me by reading mine

            Maybe we should all take the time to read more than one comment from people to make judgement calls on

            Go read enemies comments
            I sure as Fck don’t come off as any sick government Fck or a up and coming State tyrant
            If I do
            Than it’s definitely not me posting

  5. I will know exactly when they’re coming for me. They are going to send me a letter and ask me to move out of the home I built. My answer will not come until they physically try. This is my fight and I don’t expect anyone will risk their life to help me. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will probably be murdered while defending my property. But it’s going to be a hell of a show !!!


    1. Isn’t it amazing how we all have our own predicaments that force our hands, one way or another? But, none of them are large enough to spark but a blip on the screen. The only stuff that is shown is what we are allowed to see, that which what is approved in advance for whatever agenda under consideration.
      I truly hope your situation is favorably resolved for you. I still believe that a man that has property has “something” of value, or we wouldn’t have to battle so g.d. hard trying to keep it!
      Keep your powder dry.

    2. If you need help
      And you don’t let me know
      I’ll be fckin pissed jack!

      No one should have to face down this tyranny alone
      If they sneak up on you that’s hard to muster for
      But if they warn you
      Than you need to get the word out

      If I were retired I would have way more flexibility to show up on time and heavy

      1. EOTS, thank you for this very human sentiment. It just made me feel great. Kinda like Christmas, and on a morning when I really needed Christmas.


    3. If every MAN in this country as an individual held your attitude, they would have never tried it.
      There are more individuals like yourself out there than you can possibly imagine and I too stand on this stage with you.
      Kill every one of them you can. Sell your life dearly, and I promise you I will do the same.
      If we are all of a like mind, which I know we are, this is already over before it starts and they lose.

  6. ‘ol stewbum your exactly right but we know this is part of the divide and conquer script. Just like they eliminate gun owners one at a time. I have successfully defended my home several times, once even kicked bidders off my property by getting an injunction minutes before the auction.

    A lot more to this story like how AG Maura Healy gave Mr. Cooper 500 million in property and passed it off like she was helping people. Then denied my FOIA to get the names of the 850+ victims for a mass tort case. This was 16 felonies on 850 people or 13,600 felonies ! Wish I had the technology to write an article about it but I don’t.
    EotS, thank you and I will certainly post when the SHTF.


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