Why this all ends in civil war: Radical Left-wing fascism and intolerance meets right-wing nationalism and resistance

Natural News – by Mike Adams

The entire Left-wing media has erupted today over the so-called “white nationalist” protest in Charlottesville where right-wing groups are protesting the systematic destruction of war monuments and white history in general. It’s worth noting that if the same event were flipped to Muslims, or African-Americans or women, it would be heralded by the Left-wing media as “courageous resistance” against tyranny and oppression. But because the attendees are mostly white conservatives, the event is portrayed as a neo-Nazi, almost “KKK” rally-ish in nature, which is of course a wild misrepresentation of what’s actually happening there. As usual, the Left totally freaks out over everything and sees pointy white hats everywhere they look.  

The core assertion of the Left, by the way, is that white people have no right to history or culture. Thus, all monuments, flags and history of “white” America must be wiped clean in a kind of “cultural genocide” run by the intolerant Left. While the culture of African-Americans, Muslims and “progressives” must be celebrated and rewarded, all symbols of “white America” are to be demolished in a style that frankly looks a lot like communist China’s Cultural Revolution.

Meanwhile, radical left-wing groups are arming up all across America, with a group called “Redneck Revolt” (yes, they’re commie left-wingers) recruiting soldiers across 30 U.S. cities and posting documents to their website that teach leftists how to carry out acts of terrorism, torture and mass executions against their intended political enemies.

Another group called “Red Guards Austin” is a heavily armed, Left-wing terrorist group operating out of Austin, Texas. They wear red bandannas, carry “commie gun” AK-47s and call for an armed revolution against the government. Here’s one of their propaganda photos:

Note that the left-wing media never calls such groups dangerous or “hate” based. Rather, such descriptive terms are reserved exclusively for right-wing groups even though it’s the right-wingers who aren’t openly threatening everybody with mass death (as the extreme Left groups openly do).

Here’s another photo of Red Guards Austin marching through downtown Austin, Texas with rifles and face masks at the ready, openly calling for the communist takeover of America:

Yet the left-wing media ignores all that, choosing instead to completely freak out over right-wing protesters in Virginia who don’t want their statues torn down (nor their history “memory holed”).

The Far Left Watch website keeps tabs on left-wing extremism and violence across America, noting that such left-wing violence is always given a pass by the media as well as watchdog groups such as the ADL. NPR, NYT and WashPost will never describe radical left-wing terror groups as engaging in anything other than honorable, ethical “resistance,” even if they are openly calling for mass murder and the overthrow of the government.

Here’s why this all ends in civil war

Why does any of this matter? It’s simple: Thanks to the extreme censorship of Google and Facebook, there is no longer any allowance for public debate on the political or social issues of our time. The radical Left — which includes the “cult” of Google — simply believes that they have the right to silence all those with whom they disagree. Left-wing protesters at UC Berkeley even believe they have the right to pre-emptively murder conservatives in order to halt them from speaking.

The Left has become the fascist bully party of America, engaging in the actual fascism they ridiculously claim is somehow victimizing them. This is, of course, the entire philosophy of “crybullies.” They bully everyone else while claiming to be the victims. The real fascism in America today is squarely rooted in the distorted philosophy of the Left: Bigotry, intolerance and hatred disguised as “inclusiveness” and “diversity.” Now, the Governor of Virginia has even declared that conservatives have no right to assemble in public, denying their clear right to gather in groups to protest what they see as gross injustice against history and their culture. (Naturally, if the protest groups were any color other than white, no such denial of their right to assemble would dare be issued.)

Because no debate is allowed on any meaningful topic anymore — thanks to outrageous censorship of all conservative channels by Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter — the trend now pushes America toward extreme polarization. When the two sides can no longer talk to each other and one side is systematically suppressed by the left-leaning internet gatekeepers like Google, it only leads the two extremes to move further apart in terms of ideology.

Now, it seems clear to me that this cultural split of America has passed the point of no return, leading us to escalation into bloodshed and violence. America, it seems, is just one trigger point away from descending into open warfare on the streets of major cities where Leftists have become intolerant, racist bigots who call for the extermination of Whites, while Right-wingers have become tired of being oppressed, denigrated and verbally abused at every turn.

Listen to my podcasts for more detailed analysis of where this is all headed, and read CivilWar.news to stay informed.


7 thoughts on “Why this all ends in civil war: Radical Left-wing fascism and intolerance meets right-wing nationalism and resistance

  1. Go to hell Mike Adams and natural news. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not falling for this crap. His type will rally a frustrated people right into the hands of the enemy just as the left does. Right into national SOCIALISM. The claim that if this were any other color they would be looked at as heroes is BS. It’s all about agenda. All colors, races, religions etc are used. Tell me Mike Adams, what Muslim “resistance groups are looked at as heroes? Muslims, as everyone who has an eye and half a brain knows are “terrorists”. The two words have become synonymous because of left and right media and players. Pasties put in place by our own law enforcement agencies to be blamed and promote the idea. Some of which were supposedly shot dead in a gun battle and then pulled out of the car “handcuffed”. ( San Bernardino). I’ve seen this type before, it’s always the same. They talk a good game. Get you frustrated. Rally you up, and they somehow seem to benefit the establishment players still. Left, right, same damn bird. I’m no damn feather of a wing. I believe in the bill of rights, period. Until we fight to establish that, your fight is pointless. Be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing. And by the way, if it’s civil war that’s coming who do you think the troops of the MIC will point their guns at? Answer….those fighting for these rights. Not those playing into the divide and conquer. People can say and think all they want that the enemy will come to our borders and shores, but as I found a long time ago, the enemy is right here. In our halls of government. Our precincts. Our courts. They issue our so-called currency. Own our media. Our education system. And also I’ve said before, our own people, who think they believe in America, but don’t know anything about it. These are my thoughts and views, if I’m wrong time will tell. But judging by history, we’ve got some work to do. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but I feel this is getting out of hand and needs to be said.

    1. spot on Jamal, I dont think you will have to wait to see or know what you just said is true
      no offence at all

  2. Racists Supremacists are only in favor of freedom of speech as long as they exercise it but no one else. The leftists are no angles either. Both sides need to be destroyed.

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