Enemy Columns from South America – World War Kindling or the Gasoline?

There has never been an agreement drawn up between Mexico or any other South American country to allow mass migration of its people into America. This is happening because South American leaders are allowing it to happen. An act of war and it must be declared just that. Trump so far has refused to accept this fact and it’s now become treason by a United States President. We now have columns of enemies armed, marching towards the United States, using women and children as the ruse, undoubtedly will be replaced fighters as time marches on.  

This has become obvious on its face, what the hell is Department of Defense going to do about it? We have a president who has international business ties across the globe, who is placating to the enemies indirectly, to protect his investments worldwide. This is why Trump is so ineffective as president, weak and vulnerable and he must be removed immediately, and replaced with some sort of backbone, our country is now at stake.

What we are going to see now is column after column of enemy combatants marching towards America like they are walking from their living room into their kitchen, free as they please, while America just stands by like weak piss ants.

This is has become an act of war, but our leaders are too damn weak, using globalism as the reason why their hands are tied. From the Trenches saw this coming years ago, but the enemies inside Google decided to aid the enemy and effectively silence our word, this while China now controls the internet, one of our major enemies who would love be nothing more for this to happen.

I’m not going to go into a long tirade here, I’m going to let my brothers and sisters do that for me, but be forewarned, this is going to light off into what our enemies inside America have been trying to do for years now, using globalism as the gasoline to start a world war, it has now become obvious, as new columns are forming daily in South America bent on crossing into America.

One thought on “Enemy Columns from South America – World War Kindling or the Gasoline?

  1. It’s the same strategy the enemy has used for years, create a problem and then present a “solution” that will utterly destroy America and take all the resources leaving this country a third-world hell-hole.

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