Enraged mom beats the crap out of kindergarten teacher

The Daily Caller- by Eric Owens

The mother of a kindergarten boy in Kansas City received a citation for criminal assault because, police say, she inflicted a vicious beatdown on the boy’s teacher.

The pummeling occurred on Thursday night at Truman Elementary School. Simone A. Baker, 24, allegedly entered the school and proceeded directly to the unidentified teacher’s classroom at about 6 p.m., reports The Kansas City Star.  

She said, “You better not touch my kid again.” She punched the teacher, 49, upside the head five to 10 times. Next, narrates a police report, Baker jerked the teacher out of her chair by the hair. Then, for good measure, Baker smashed the teacher’s head against a filing cabinet—twice.

Baker’s next move was to run swiftly out of the classroom and out of the school building

There were no students in the classroom when the incident occurred.

On the way to the classroom, Baker ran right by the school principal, whom she had called just moments earlier as she was on her way to the school. The principal gathered a posse and headed to the classroom, arriving just after the altercation ended.

Baker had a motive. Earlier in the day, her six-year-old son had come home with a scratch on his neck. He apparently told his mother that the teacher caused it when she had punished him for something during the school day.

Hickman Mills School District officials told local NBC affiliate KSHB that something did, in fact, happen between the kindergarten teacher and the student, but they provided no additional details.

On Friday, notes The Star, the boy told police and school officials that the teacher didn’t hurt him.

A roving KSHB reporter interviewed a couple of veritable moms on the street to get a bead on neighborhood opinion.

“If you’re not going to stand up for your child, who is?” asked one mom wearing a skull-design t-shirt.

Another mom in a Chiefs jersey disagreed.

“No words. Who does that?” she asked. “I mean, I love my kids to death but you got to take yourself out of the situation and act like an adult.”

A school district spokeswoman told The Star that the teacher got checked out at a hospital after the attack. She was released with little ado.

The spokeswoman added that the district intends to prosecute Baker to “the fullest extent of the law.”

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7 thoughts on “Enraged mom beats the crap out of kindergarten teacher

  1. Any teacher, cop, principal or anyone else who touches my kid better go into hiding, because I will hunt them down and make them rue the day. They may certainly restrain them if the child is being violent towards them or someone else, but if they make the first contact, it is all over for them. Luckily my kids are grown…

  2. Finally some good news. A commie re-educator gets a well-deserved beating for ruling over the babies with an iron fist.

    The teacher got what she deserved. She was probably overdue for a beating long before this incident, and rather than being prosecuted, Mrs. Baker deserves a medal of honor for defending this nation’s youth.

    1. I don’t often disagree with you JR but in this case I do. Not all teachers are commie re-educators. I do not know the details of this particular case but I am a very firm believer in corporal punishment. While not being a religious person I can certainly see the logic behind ‘spare the rod….’ .
      I know some teachers and they are essentially unable to even attempt to discipline or control their classrooms. I know of two male teachers (good ones) who left the profession because the risk of being accused of something sexual by pissed off out of control students who would happily ruin a man’s life if they were chastised over not doing their homework was too much of a risk.
      All of the PC BS that has spilled over into education has turned our schools into zoos full of entitled self absorbed pr#@ks.

  3. I don’t know what to say about this one. As a former teacher, I agree with UninformedLuddite, as not all teachers are screwed up. With education issues these days, it’s really a mix of everything from parents not being home to know their own kid (no thanks to the elite’s breakdown of the family by making both parents go to work in order to survive and having no one home for them after school), to the Communist Core education system we have in place with no disciplining of the students in the classroom. You even have MSM propaganda making teachers look bad all the time or even have schools, which for some reason, like to hire teachers who report to DPS for everything and anything in order to get the parents in trouble and look good in front of the government in a sick, government indoctrinated sheeple, sort of way. It’s all screwed up. With cases like these you never know who or what to believe.

    If the teacher did hit the kid and his parent came in and beat her, then it served her right, as the teacher was in the wrong. But if she didn’t, then we have another whacked out parent who doesn’t know her own son.

  4. I’ll say three things….homeschool, homeschool, homeschool.
    That being said….I made two of my teachers cry in high school. Without lifting a finger and almost no effort on my part. I didn’t even have to get up out of my chair. Somehow I made them both burst into tears utilizing only verbal communications. If I had to do it over again….the one I would have twisted her mind into a pretzel… which I didn’t. The other I would have not instigated anything…that one I wish I could take back.
    Looking back on it now I kinda wish I hadn’t done it. But then everyone makes mistakes.

  5. “If you’re not going to stand up for your child, who is?” asked one mom wearing a skull-design t-shirt.”

    A patriot/national speaking.

    “No words. Who does that?” she asked. “I mean, I love my kids to death but you got to take yourself out of the situation and act like an adult.”

    A citizen/slave speaking.

    # 2 = bad choice. FEMA fodder.

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