Equality in Life and Death

The people of the United States have always worked toward the ultimate goal of full equality.  This ideal is preached to us every day in every way.  We have even fought wars over it.  So how is equality faring in 2011?  Well that depends on who you are.  The top 1% of the richest Americans at present have 90% of the wealth.  I think this is not equal or fair.

I have been thinking a lot about equality and fairness lately.  Is it equal that there are thousands of plush resorts around our country that many of us will never get to see except on a television screen?  Is it fair that our tax monies go to the peoples of Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands when they pay nothing in?  Many will say that you get what you work for.  These are the same people that make idols out of Paris Hilton and the Saudi Crown Prince.  Think about it.  There are people born in this country that never hit a lick, and not only have everything, but are looked up to for having it.

Let’s look at it in simpler terms.  As a poor person today we cannot even choose where we live, as we have been herded onto reservations where poverty contains us as sure as a bob wire fence.  After the Civil War the people of the South, who had since the beginning of the country built large prosperous families, were scattered to the four winds.  This was in reality the first real attack upon the family unit.

You see people like the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, and Rothschilds understand the power contained within the family unit.  These big families have used their unity to amass power which has allowed them to conquer and control whole other families which are not united.  By the 1920s and 30s the big family units among the common folk were once again becoming a power to be reckoned with.  And then there was a great depression.  Once again families separated as it seemed a necessity to survival.

We are once again on the verge of having large families centrally located, living close enough together to aid and defend one another.  To simply scatter us is no longer a viable option as cheap and instant communication nullifies the effect.  This time around they will not scatter the herd, but rather thin it.  That means about 40 million of us have received a death sentence and do not realize it yet.

For the past thirty years countless billions of dollars have been spent in the public school systems, teaching selflessness to those who attend.  Therefore, when the generation marked for slaughter is dealt with there will be little decent among those left to live.  I am fortunate that I raised my children outside the public school system and thus I have maintained a strong family unit.  However I do not want my children to have to fight for me as it is my duty to fight for them.

Anyone who cannot see what is coming down the road is truly walking through the world with rose colored glasses on, some because they can afford them, others have had them issued by the government and refuse to take them off.  My fellow 99ers I have seen fun and this is not it.  Fun is happiness, and life without happiness is not worth living.

The United States Declaration of Independence states that all men, hence men and women, are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Our forefathers put these remarks at the top of the page to lay the gauntlet down.  They were letting the British King know that these rights they had outlined were God given and thus no man could take them away, not even a rich one.  They drew their line in the sand and enforced it with their blood.  Not just for them, but for us.  And now through our inactions we are belittling their sacrifice.

I put forth this question to every 99er.  Though you have life as you are living, can you say that you have your right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  As I said earlier, life without happiness is not worth living, in fact it is not life at all, it is existing through suffering.  Is this what you want to leave to your progeny?  It is not what I want to leave to mine.

If there were a way to win this war, with my life being the only one that had to be sacrificed, I would do it in a heartbeat.  But one person cannot win it alone.  It is going to take all of us.  Yes, some of us may very well die.  Quite frankly I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.  We all need to step up and make our presence be known and fight as a people.  If we do not we can look forward to one killed himself here, two were killed there, three starved to death over there for the next ten years or until we are all gone.  If they are not going to let us live in peace at least let us die a death that our children do not have to be ashamed of.

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  1. That was a good and true article we are being hearded like cattle to slaughterhouse and it seems to me that this has been preplaned by our gov. The constitution is dead and greed and power rules and our generation is looked to commit mass suicide because we can’t be sifened for anymore money. What really is upsetting is that the gov. can spend an average of$338.3 Billion dollars a year on illegal aliens to feed.support and educate them from taxpayers money and then leave it’s own people to die and says oh well that’s life. This country was once a great and united country and now it seems that our gov. is bound and determined to destroy it.

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