Eric Holder in Copenhagen Plotting his Revenge

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As we the common folk stand mesmerized like a deer in headlights watching the media circus surrounding the Congressional Contempt charge against Eric Holder, he has slipped out the back door and jumped a plane for Denmark where today he is busy conspiring with his international cohorts on how to complete the takeover of the US before the house of cards around him and the rest of the US cabal falls.

This event will see little or no reporting in the mainstream propaganda as the issues being discussed involve the implementation of international law within the United States.

Among the items under discussion at the EU-U.S. Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial meeting is international enforcement of online pornography laws.  The internationals intend to prey on the good in us in that we all agree that child pornography is an evil that we cannot tolerate.  But Eric Holder and company will use this assertion to enact new measures to accommodate international spying on and documentation of everything we do on our computers.

The child pornography laws will be enforced just like the rest of the laws, and that is selectively while the new powers that will be established will be used to ferret out the enemies of international soviet socialism to be targeted for military arrest and indefinite detention in the FEMA camps.

Another matter on the agenda at Copenhagen involves judicial cooperation in criminal matters and in specific international cooperation in confiscation of private property.  This item will be presented to we the people as an avenue to seize the assets of those bad old international terrorists.  But the reality will be international confiscation of privately owned land in the US under Agenda 21 and privately owned firearms under the US Small Arms Ban Treaty signed by the traitor Hillary Clinton.

Eric Holder took Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano with him to these meetings which will be behind closed doors and the content thereof unrevealed to the American people.

Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and Hillary Clinton all had to be in on Operation Fast and Furious as the agencies they head had to be working in coalition for the treason to be accomplished to the degree it has been.  Throw in the traitor Obama and you have a group of individuals that cannot be trusted out in plain sight.  Considering the pickle they find themselves in at present, what do you think they are plotting behind closed doors and in the dark places?

The soviet socialist insurgency in the United States is falling apart and the international corporate mobsters are preparing to do something big in an attempt to regain control of the situation.  Taking note of what these criminals have already done, it has to be said they are capable of anything. So brace yourselves and prepare for the worst, because personally I believe that is what is coming.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Eric Holder in Copenhagen Plotting his Revenge

  1. they probably didnt think this investigation would ever go anywere, and now its getting to close to finding out some other buisness that will take down both bushes clintons and obama as in drug running, and if that is discovered it will leed to bankers laundrying money . just my thoughts about this other wise what would be their problem with disclosure of files.

  2. Mention the FACT that Hillary has been doing the ‘Fast and Furious’ with the Bush cabal since BC(Boy of Cocaine) was Arkansas attorney general and you will be getting closer to the truth. Pat Matriciana made a series of movies about the Mena/contragate/guns for cocaine enterprise that are a ‘must see’. Be there or be square.

  3. When you look at dipictions of hell, you see demons with pitch forks, having their fun with the ones to be tortured, all are in hell, but they are dominions of it, and enjoy the tasks in which they seem commanded to do.
    If you are here in this realm, then you are bound in that vessel you call a body, and are a slave to it.
    Therfore it is y/our choice, in which catergory to perfom ones task, torturer, or tortured, its up to you/us.
    I know, that i enjoy my suffering, without it i would not be the self iam, in this vessel i learn alot.
    In the past, I tryed not to torture to much, but now, i do try to balance it, remember one can torture themselves.

  4. The whole bunch of Thieves, Murderers, and LIARS of the U.S. Government, Congress and senate all need a Ride on a rail out , MAKES ME SICK

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