11 thoughts on “Ernst Zundel vs CNN Wind-Bags

  1. If you don’t have a degree you’re not qualified to speak?
    On the contrary, Jew Puppets.
    If you possess a degree in subjects other than math, or any other of the few subjects that don’t suffer revision, you are way less educated than you should be, or think you are,…you miserable puppets.
    One has to make an exceptional effort to relearn and disprove all the revisionist falsehoods placed in one’s head by the current Jew operated educational system and mass media, Malthus, Keynes, etc. All cherry picked B.S, for the jewish agenda.
    Look at the fools rioting against free speech that we have today on University campuses. Students just 50 years ago, as misguided as they were, would have thought anyone doing this at the time, were just plain nuts. Oh they protested, but it wasn’t to keep anyone from their right to free speech.
    These guys interviewing Ernst should have read some of Ernst Zundel’s books as any good interviewer would have.
    Oh that’s right, they are not allowed to read those or any other books unless they are authorized by their rulers………Their jewish puppet masters.

      1. Katie, if that didn’t quite do it, listen to the two below,
        they will get the job done, Bob

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