8 thoughts on “Ernst Zundel Warns Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany

  1. Please God, let at least ten percent of our seven and a half billion see the last 31 seconds of this vid.


  2. Dam right!
    And it better stay that way

    I’m doing my part , I’m armed to the teeth
    And make no bones about it, and every firearm is willed or given in trust to someone on the day I either die or get taken alive , to be sure I am paying the second amendment further
    Even if this illegitimate regime makes me out to a felon
    I’ll buy even more and end up having the purpose for them , spelled out

    I’m dead serious about don’t tread on me to the point of “fearing for my life ” whenever I’m within 20′ of any one of these government types

    Mtherfkers better understand there are more like me , and way way way more radical

    I just want my BoR back and the gov off my back
    And the Rebublic to operate like one
    And rid MY land of these parasites

    There’s gonna come a day when it’s game on
    If I’m not here , I dam sure will be making a stand with what I leave behind

    My apologies , I’m not sure what put this in moderation
    I didn’t spell correctly any cuss words
    If there’s offense to my comment please adjust

  3. I the utmost respect for this man. One of the well-known few to publicly call the stinking jews out on the Holohoax lie.

  4. Ernst Zundel was a great man. He spent his whole life at great personal expense, warning us of the jews and their plan for OUR future.
    May Ernst finally rest in peace, he certainly didn’t get any while he was alive, because of the jews. His warning for the U.S. will come to pass sooner than later.
    Will we listen and act accordingly?

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