European Report June 2019

Published on Jun 10, 2019

Results of the EU elections and their ramifications for the next five years. Simon Barrett is joined by MEP Bas Belder, newly elected MEP Charlie Weimers ja ECI Founding Director Tomas Sandell.

7 thoughts on “European Report June 2019

  1. I made it through eight and a half minutes…all I kept thinking was…..’feed the cancer that is killing you’

      1. “… their ramifications for the next five years.”

        Without even watching I CAN say this much, mary… depending on how soon they kick off WW III, their ‘predictions’ for the next five years aren’t worth a fart in the wind.

      2. Okay Mary, I’ll give it a shot. Had to listen a couple of times. It’s loaded. Another full-court press of control. This one hittin’ hard at Europe. Here are some highlights from the panel:

        “Defense of Israel should be present on the streets.”

        Says that reports of Jews confiscating Palestinian land is not correct, not true to history.

        Says that political events/discussions must be within the guidelines of The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. One desire for next five year term is that “the narrative surrounding The Holocaust would expand.” Calls holocaust “the worst tragedy on European soil.” (Stalin?)

        Concludes with what is deemed the solution to anti-Semitism: “The State of Israel.”

        Ha!! Move over, Pals, we have to destroy you to stop anti-Semitism.

        Wants Europeans to identify anti-Iz activity in Parliament and call it out. Wants BDS excluded from political discourse.

        Finally, names the enemy as Iran and The Palestinian Authority Delegation. Of course.

        Coup de grace: Asks why Israel is a safe-haven for the Jewish people. Answers own question: Because “There, they are not dependent on the goodwill of outsiders to defend and secure their lives.” Gee, I guess it was just an illusion that all our boys died in their wars and much of our money paid for that.


          1. When aware of it, you can treat it.

            They are always upping their game. And I think of that old adage: Know what your enemy is up to.

            I guess each uses his or her own strategy in terms of eradicating the cancer.

            I hear ya, Mary, and maybe I take this quote far too seriously: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

            Earth, 2019


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