8 thoughts on “Would this ever fly? I think not.

  1. It’s not flying here, either.

    The Zionist media is constantly promoting the illusion that they have a lot of public support through their bogus polls and billionaire-funded “grass roots” activism, but it’s not the case.

    NO ONE wants the wetbacks here, and NO ONE supports gun control, but they’re going to ram their illusion of popular support right down our throats until some of them are killed, and the rest flee the country, and this has been the history of the Jews for 2000 years.

    Americans will avoid the inevitable for as long as they can, because most people would rather live in comfort than go to war. Many Americans are angry enough to go to war now, and when the comfort is gone, many more will be joining their ranks, because the same anger is seething just below the surface in everyone else.

    Passing a law and enforcing a law are two entirely different things, and any gun confiscations are going to be ugly, because too many people already know what will follow. Prepare, and be ready to join the fight.

    1. Newsweek can’t pay their rent, (they owe their landlord $300,000), and they’re under criminal investigation, too. The NY Times is operating at a loss, because no one wants to read their BS anymore. CNN has fewer viewers than the Hallmark network, and the rest of the Zionist media isn’t doing any better.

      And of course, gun sales are through the roof, and took a big jump in Florida since this latest MOSSAD school shooting.

      These are hard, verifiable numbers that aren’t part of anyone’s BS poll, and they show that the majority of Americans are on our side. When Americans stop watching football, you know there’s been a huge shift in what Americans are focusing their attention on.

      The TV is losing viewers, Hollywood can’t sell movie tickets, and people are driving around with bumper stickers that say “Proud Anti-Semite”. These things would have seemed impossible a decade ago, but today they’re proof that Americans are waking up in large numbers, and we’re going to WIN this war.

      1. Awesome comments Jolly Roger!!!

        Thanks for speaking eloquently!

        I’m listening to a caller from Illinois at the intelligence report talking about the gun grabs and restrictions going on there. This bill, that bill, the governor this, fees this, NRA, etc.. This guy needs to know that passing a law and enforcing it are totally different. Question is, are you going to defend your property or not?

      2. Oh Jolly, so many good points, but I’m just not sure on this one:

        “NO ONE wants the wetbacks here, and NO ONE supports gun control.”

        Well, “no one” is a very big word(s). I just wish it were true. I say this because I have flaming liberals in both my family and my community. Yes, I avoid them as much as I could, but they are standing as firmly there as we are on 2A, and on stopping invasion, and on ending tyranny. Fully stateist and brainwashed. They think we like violence and don’t like brown people, that we’re selfish. I have it all around me.

        Others may have a different experience. I bring this out because I believe it’s one of the biggest hurdles to be overcome, and we need as much support as we can get, so they need to be brought around, SOMEHOW.

        I’m sure you’re right when you say, “the majority of Americans are on our side.” I just may be living where there is a disproportionate amount on the opposite side. There is some heartbreak in this, in wanting affinity with family and friends, but it’s just how the cards were dealt to me. It’s like living in two universes: one in The Trench, and one in Snowflakeville.

        Almost every day I hear someone say, “We just don’t need assault weapons in the hands of every-day people.” It’s like a meme that won’t die. Well, because of all the good people here, all the support, I manage it okay; it’s just about going out the door – a good thing snowflakes eventually melt.



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