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Everyone on the Far Right Loves Militia-Backed Rancher Cliven Bundy—Except Glenn Beck

Mother Jones – by Molly Redden

Conservative activists and media outlets have generally embraced the cause of Cliven Bundy, a Nevada cattle rancher who inspired a gang of protesters—many of them armed—to face off with federal law enforcement this weekend. But one figure on the right has taken a surprising stand against Bundy’s supporters: former Fox News host Glenn Beck.  

On Saturday, a large group of anti-government protesters converged on a Bureau of Land Management base camp in rural Nevada to protest the federal government’s seizure of Bundy’s cows. Bundy had for years grazed hundreds of cattle on protected lands controlled by the federal government and refused to pay the resulting court-ordered fines. This month, after nearly 20 years of consistently beating Bundy in court, the BLM moved to confiscate his cattle. A judge ordered Bundy not to physically interfere. In response, Bundy assembled protesters to confront the BLM officers who were holding his livestock.

After a dramatic, two-day standoff, federal officers backed down and handed the cows over to Bundy to avoid violence. Astonishing photos from the scene show protesters perched on a highway overpass and hunkered down in the brush with long-range weapons; one photo appears to show a man on the bridge aiming down at the BLM base camp.

The involvement of armed militiamen—and Bundy’s promise to “do whatever it takes” to reclaim his cattle—doesn’t appear to phase conservative activists who have turned Bundy into a cause célèbre. Before this weekend’s confrontation, National Review OnlineFox & Friends,and American Thinker all blamed the government for mounting tensions. Two groups affiliated with Americans for Prosperity, a political organization funded primarily by the Koch brothers, spent the weekend tweeting their support for Bundy, Media Matters reported. Sean Hannity, who on Friday hailed Bundy as a capitalist hero—”When your cattle graze there, that keeps the price of meat down for every American consumer”—invited Bundy back on the air Monday for a second, easygoing interview in which he made only glancing reference to the armed confrontation.

Beck, though, in an episode of his show broadcast Monday, said he fully supports Bundy’s principles but couldn’t look past his supporters:

The problem here is that Bundy hasn’t been all that clear on this…He’s a rancher. And so he’s not used to making his sound bite case in this sound bite world. But the problem with that lack of clarity is some of the supporters that he’s attracting. He is drawing in the decent, small government proponents from groups such as the tea party…I know there’s some people that listen [to] and watch me. And they are sick of the government regulations hampering themselves, small businesses, farming, I’m with you on that.

But when you’re not really super clear, it also draws another element, drawing in the violent, anti-government groups. The, I think, right’s version of Occupy Wall Street. We did some research online on PsyID [a social-media analysis tool] today, and found that there’s about 10 to 15 percent of the people who are talking about this online that are truly frightening. They don’t care what the facts are—they just want a fight. And you see it in some of these pictures.

At this point, video played behind Beck of protesters scuffling with federal officers.

I don’t know who these people are. They all might be great. But here they are, they’re acting, they’re enraged, they’re enraged. And they’re confronting the federal government officials. I get that. But this is not the way to win…I want to be clear, 100 percent clean on one thing all of us should agree on, and unfortunately, I don’t believe we do, both left and right. And that is, we need to agree on, we condemn those who use violence. Inciting violence doesn’t solve anything. I vehemently denounce anyone who even hints at such tactics…People can spot anger and vengeance from a mile away. And when I saw that video where they were lunging and jumping at the agents, calling them scumbags, I thought, this is our side’s Occupy Wall Street. It’s happening all over again, and it will end the same way.

Beck didn’t specifically call out the armed protesters, and the Blaze, a website that is part of his media empire, played up the federal government’s role in bringing the crisis to a head. Beck claims the facts of the federal government’s actions against Bundy are “convoluted” (when they’re pretty well established) and equates heavily armed protesters with Occupy Wall Street. But there’s no doubt that he took a stand against the extreme elements among Bundy’s supporters. And when Glenn Beck approximates a reasonable position on the same night that a blood moon rises, you’ve got to second-guess the folks who say the world isn’t coming to an end.


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13 Responses to Everyone on the Far Right Loves Militia-Backed Rancher Cliven Bundy—Except Glenn Beck

  1. Missy says:

    Beck is a paid schill, disinfo agent. He went from comedy, to radio, to CNN, then Fox, now has his own multi million dollar operation from a monthly charge of $5.99. Yeah right, follow who his handlers are, I can’t stand Beck.

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    ATTENTIO: Glen Beck,

    You have been made a long time ago.

    We know your nothing but a treasonous Trojan Horse that is the mouth piece whore (like Handjob Hannity, and Bill Goebbels O’Reilly) for the FTO – Federal Terrorist Organzation,.. formly called the US Gov’t.

    You will be held accountable, you will be arrested, tried, convicted,.. and when found guilty,… suffer the only acceptable punishment for your crimes and sedition,.. death by public hanging.

    JD – US Marines – My fellow Patriots,.. please spread the word far and wide, that Glen Beck has been made for the proganda agent he is for the communists, and has no standing left whatsoever.

  3. STFB says:

    Ms. Redden is a left wing extremist, and I believe everyone (and everything?) appears to her, as if being from the far right – This shows in her writing, wherein, her usage of pejorative adjectives, and innuendos slant her narative – and, all this with a hypocritical flare of virtue, that seems lodged only in the far left.

  4. Foehammer says:

    Beck is a fvktard plain and simple as Missy pointed out by his resume he is for sale to the highest bidder. Sorry for the bad language .

  5. PARACLETE says:

    Beck …is like all the other shills.
    o’rielly, aj, and all the rest.
    All they’re concerned with is ratings.
    As well as people to follow their bad advice.
    They talk big, but when it comes
    down to doing anything, they want
    “feel good” moments. So they can
    tell folks that they stand for something.
    Cretans like these, will just get their
    listeners in a camp, or worse, dead.
    “Don’t buy guns” says one jerk…
    “Don’t fight back” says the other ….
    So what’s left ????
    If voting made a difference,
    they wouldn’t let you do it.
    There’s NO talking this out,
    it’s WAAAAY beyond that now.
    About 100 years too late …..
    Beck, AJ, O, and all the rest …
    Agent “populists” who represent our
    enemy and their ideologies.

  6. Cynicles says:

    No mention of the Gov snipers and the Gov thugs that showed up, nope, not in mother jones liberal rag.

    No word on the cattle that were not returned and still missing, nope, none of that either.

    The venom spewed toward anyone that posts a comment contrary to the liberal way on that site is incredible. There is not room for reason nor dissent in the comments on MJ. They are about as tolerant as the hard line islamists toward people that disagree nor assimilate.

  7. NC says:

    What do you expect from a Zionist on the Blood Moon day. He knows that he can’t officially support it and to bring in the “extremist” propaganda is his way of protecting himself when the SHTF. In addition to that, it’s amazing to note that he continues to say we should do things peacefully rather than fight.

    Hey Beck, when you are standing there with 200 Feds pointing guns at you and beating the hell out of you and stomping your face into the ground, just keep talking to them peacefully. I’m sure they’ll stop. DUMBASS!!!

    He and AJ ought to take their Zionist asses and go to Hell.

    You know, the other day, I was listening to a radio talk show guy named Mike Stevens on the radio in Dallas. Never heard of him nor do I listening to talk radio, but I was board in the car on my way home and turned it on to listen. Anyways, his show is about Conspiracy theories and debunking them. So he talked about the Illuminati and stated they were no longer in existence and believed that the banks that were controlling everything were merely exercising Capitalism and their right to operate. He also believed there were “interests groups” that had a major impact on polices but not Illuminati members or secret societies. He then said if the Bilderbergs were so secretive, then why do they post the names of their members on their website and make it known publicly. Unfrigginbelievable.

    Then when a caller came on and started to mention “Zionism”, he IMMEDIATELY cut him off and went to a commercial break after interrupting him and saying, “I’m not going to go down that road. That’s a whole other ballgame. We’ll be right back.” and you never heard anymore from him on it.

    It’s like he said, “OH NO! The caller said the “Z” word. The Zionist Jews will kill me! Quick! Go to commercial!”

    Most of the time he spent ridiculing the callers and saying, “if Illuminati is still going, show me a list of the people who are stating that they are controlling the government. Where can I find it?” Then when someone tells him to google it, he says, “Oh that is all hearsay” but then when someone asks him where he can find the information that he is saying, he says he found it on google and claims it is all true because google says it is. Makes perfect sense (sarcasm)

    And he calls himself a Conspiracy Analyst. Unfrigginbelievable. Another paid Zionist shill.

  8. tina says:

    Find your local Militias people. Beck has really stepped in it this time. Support your Militias and the Oathkeepers. Money, does corrupt.

  9. EE says:

    I am not sure which thread to post this on, so I picked this one.

    I would love some help with something. I’ve been following these events as best as I can, and after so many days of this I have started talking about it with some of my exclusively mainstream media watching friends.

    And I’m finding (due to what they say in response to my, “so what do you think of what’s going on with the BLM and that ranch in Nevada?”) that I don’t totally understand this situation well enough myself. So I’d love a “in a nutshell” description of why the Bundys did not pay their fees, which landed them in court, which led to the court decision to impound their cattle. you see, my friends are arguing that it is “wrong” not to pay the BLM fees, and so of course what could Bundys expect, but the government would come to enforce the court decision and forcibly remove the cattle.

    So I need a bit more info. I realize I’m ignorant — genuinely want a very well-crafted and to-the-point description of why this is important and why my friends might want to re-think their impression of the Bundys.


    • Henry Shivley says:

      It’s like this, EE,
      For generations, the Bundy family had been grazing their cattle upon this public land. Now, as the community grew, they willingly participated in the institution of county and state taxes to fund schools and other projects for the people they share the land with. Kind of like giving some of the money he made over to those who truly own the land, the people.
      BLM is an unconstitutional agency. The only land the federal government can take control over is small parcels, purchased from the state, not to exceed ten acres, for forts, post offices, and other necessary government buildings.
      There is no authority within the Constitution for the government to create any policing force to regulate the actions of the private US nationals. As self-governing individuals, we regulate one another through Article 3 common law courts and redress through the presentation of grievance before a jury of our peers.
      The government has never had the authority to take a US national into a court of law with the state (an entity) as the plaintiff.
      The government has never had the authority to define nor regulate the people’s individual rights, in fact the Bill of Rights is absolute prohibition to such activity.
      The only way that Mr. Bundy, as an American national can be taken into a court of law under our true system of law in the common, is via a complaint with two witnesses from an American national who can show a direct deprivation upon his rights that can be directly linked to Mr. Bundy’s cattle being upon the land that they, as American nationals, share in common.
      The government does not own the people’s land as the government is separate and apart from the people. They are our employees and are forbidden to interfere with our free exercise of our rights upon our land.
      These international soviet socialist insurgents are attempting to enslave us by asserting an unlawful control over our land. The person who controls the land, controls everything upon it, including the man and there can be no free man without free land, unfettered by any foreign regulation, for him to stand upon.
      In short, Mr. Bundy is refusing to finance a foreign takeover of the people’s sovereign territory.
      You hear every day the statement, “This is federal land.” If this country were being run in accordance with the founders’ intent, that government would have to be of, for, and by the people, which again, would make the land ours and our rights absolute upon it. And of course our rights, being restrictions to government regulations to our free exercise thereof, removes them from any intercourse with our land, and they sure as hell cannot sell or lease our land to foreign governments, hostile to our existence.
      You tell your friends that they better wake the f#@k up or they are going to find themselves on a deportation barge when the American nationals reaffirm our absolute ownership and control of our lands as free individuals.
      Hope this helps.

      • EE says:

        Yes, thank you, Henry!!! It does help. I really appreciate your taking the time.

        I knew I was ignorant, but now I can see I am more ignorant than I thought I was. I will be doing some “reading up” and trying to learn in a very solid way what I should have been taught all along. What you say makes complete sense, I just need to digest it. Thank you. 🙂

        • Henry Shivley says:

          In your research and reading, always keep it front and center that the Bill of Rights is the absolute law for our people, and anything that stands contrary is, by definition, infringement. 🙂

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