Ex-Facebook exec suggests everyone who gets vaccinated should wear certain color mask

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Former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya suggested in a tweet on Friday that everyone who gets vaccinated should “all wear a mask of a special design or color” in order to let other people around them know that they have been vaccinated.

The idea did not sit well with many on social media, who quickly blasted the idea, comparing it to Nazi Germany’s use of the Star of David.


“How about we just put a gold star on ones that aren’t?”, one user tweeted sarcastically.

Other users didn’t see the point of having to continue to wear a mask when the vaccine is supposed to provide protection on its own.

One user explained that since none of the vaccines are 100% effective, signaling that you have been vaccinated would just provide a “false sense of 100% immunity.”

“Probably best to consider people infectious untilt here are no more cases,” they added.

Meanwhile, some floated alternatives to mask wearing, with one user arguing that companies could identifiy those who show proof of vaccination with an ID sticker.

“We do this every year for flu,” the user added. “You get a flu shot and get a sticker on your ID otherwise wear mask all season.”

Another user suggested using a wristband or digital identifier through an app.

“The only advantage of wearing a different color mask is to make sure you’re not creating behavior where others take off their masks because of herd behavior (ie they just assume masks not needed),” the user said.

The debate on the continued use of masks after vaccination comes as the first shipment of Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine has left the company’s Kalamazoo, Michigan manufacturing plant.

The first wave of deliveries will supply 150 locations with the vaccine, while another 450 sites will see supplies in the second shipment. The vaccine is timed to arrive Monday morning so that health workers can receive the shot before administering it themselves.


3 thoughts on “Ex-Facebook exec suggests everyone who gets vaccinated should wear certain color mask

  1. “1st, why would you still wear a mask? 2nd, no.“

    “What is the point of vaccination if you are still wearing a mask?“


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